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  1. Dzemal (Musician in Quebec, QC, g1r 1h5)
  2. Infâme (Band in Quebec, QC, G1E 3W3)
  3. Bob Beriau (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1Y 2Y3)
  4. andernorth (Band in Quebec, QC, g1r 1g7)
  5. cmbourget (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1R 4G1)
  6. Ali (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1N 3K2)
  7. Frank Kool (Musician in Sainte-Henedine, QC, g0s 2r0)
  8. borntobestar (Band in Quebec, QC, g3a 2l7)
  9. Envol et Macadam (Venue in Quebec, QC, G1K 3C9)
  10. Dekhruel (Musician in Quebec, QC, g1g 2m8)
  11. Naim (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1C 1N7)
  12. Sydvius (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1N 3K5)
  13. ASADWA (Musician in Fossambault-sur-le-Lac, QC, G0A 3M0)
  14. Valgrym (Musician in Quebec, QC, G3K 2H3)
  15. Esbat (Band in Quebec, QC, G6X 1H5)
  16. http://banmix.ca/mychele (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1C 1V9)
  17. First Exit (Band in Quebec, QC, g3e 1y4)
  18. Specterbass (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1L 1A5)
  19. Mayte (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1R 1B3)
  20. Maam (Musician in Ormstown, QC, G1R 3X8)
  21. Gege1971 (Musician in Quebec, QC, g1y 2r9)
  22. jeromeg (Musician in Levis, QC, G6V 5B3)
  23. RickOnDrum (Musician in Quebec, QC, G2A 2T3)
  24. hubert39710 (Musician in Quebec, QC, g2g 2m5)
  25. JPLandry034 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1X 4W6)
  26. hubert41421 (Musician in Quebec, QC, g2g 2m5)
  27. louis43947 (Musician in Levis, QC, G6V 8Y5)
  28. kovi67 (Musician in Sainte-Marie, QC, g6e 3a1)
  29. Blueseyes (Musician in Saint-Etienne-de-Lauzon, QC, G6J 1A8)
  30. Troust & Rode (Band in Montreal, QC, g1h 2s5)
  31. Studio d' Enregistrement Québec (Recording studio in Quebec, QC, G3K 2T9)
  32. shane52940 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1G 4X5)
  33. UAM (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1E 2P5)
  34. JLMMUSIC (Independent label in Quebec, QC, g1e 5w3)
  35. Mialotus (Musician in Quebec, QC, G3C 0R9)
  36. cameron56131 (Musician in Saint-Emile, QC, G3E 1A9)
  37. bew1966 (Musician in Sainte-Henedine, QC, G0S 2R0)
  38. pascal56340 (Musician in Saint-Jean-d'Orleans, QC, G0A 3W0)
  39. www-OreilleGauche-com (Musician in Saint-Etienne-de-Lauzon, QC, G6J 2A7)
  40. pas56723 (Musician in Val-Belair, QC, G3J 1H7)
  41. Vincez (Musician in Levis, QC, g6v 2z7)
  42. SimGagnon (Musician in Loretteville, QC, G2A 4B7)
  43. denis56980 (Musician in Levis, QC, G6V 2K1)
  44. steve57399 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G6V 6R9)
  45. rickmantree (Musician in Charlesbourg, QC, G1G 4N8)
  46. The Märk Juneäu Experiment (Band in Quebec, QC, G1l 1n5)
  47. anthony9999 (Musician in Levis, QC, g7a 1w8)
  48. patrickZeBeat (Musician in Sainte-Foy, QC, g1x 3c1)
  49. Mya-Julia1007 (Musician in Loretteville, QC, G2B 3J1)
  50. liveming (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1C 2Y3)
  51. mike61465 (Musician in Saint-Apollinaire, QC, g0s 2e0)
  52. KnightSoul (Musician in Quebec, QC, G2K 0C3)
  53. No other (Band in Levis, QC, G6W 0E4)
  54. JonyP (Musician in Charlesbourg, QC, G1L 1S4)
  55. Pete-X (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1N 2Z7)
  56. eric64251 (Musician in Val-Belair, QC, G3J 1B4)
  57. stephane64346 (Musician in Courcelette, QC, G0A 4N1)
  58. eric64383 (Musician in Quebec, QC, g3e 1r5)
  59. gary65243 (Musician in Loretteville, QC, G2B 3G4)
  60. Danmetal (Musician in Lac-Saint-Charles, QC, g3g 1r3)
  61. gary65752 (Musician in Saint-Jean-Chrysostome, QC, G6Z 2P6)
  62. Sandyman (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1S 1P9)
  63. ALXC (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1P 1T5)
  64. francesco66651 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1R 3E4)
  65. nathalie67503 (Musician in Sainte-Marie, QC, G6E 3N1)
  66. carl67655 (Musician in Pont-Rouge, QC, G3H 3S1)
  67. samelbil (Musician in Sainte-Foy, QC, G1X 1T2)
  68. manuclement (Musician in Beauport, QC, G1C 4J6)
  69. martin68400 (Musician in Fossambault-sur-le-Lac, QC, G3n 2c4)
  70. sandy68547 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1H 6B7)
  71. Samuel Robidoux (Musician in Charlesbourg, QC, G1H 3R6)
  72. Lou (Band in Sainte-Foy, QC, G1v 2x6)
  73. jason69164 (Musician in Charlesbourg, QC, G1H 2R9)
  74. simob69178 (Musician in Sainte-Marie, QC, G6E 1h8)
  75. denis69270 (Musician in Val-Belair, QC, G3K 1A2)
  76. sebastien1995 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1K 2R1)
  77. philtetro (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1R 1J8)
  78. michel69379 (Musician in Vanier, QC, G1M 3G1)
  79. chris69702 (Musician in Levis, QC, G6V 3L1)
  80. jeremy69748 (Musician in Saint-Etienne-de-Lauzon, QC, G6j 2B7)
  81. johnny69757 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1L 4G1)
  82. antoine69802 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1R 3H6)
  83. jay69965 (Musician in Sainte-Foy, QC, G1X 3E9)
  84. nicolascote475 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1V 2G5)
  85. Martin (Band in Beauport, QC, G1B 3P6)
  86. vincent70624 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1L 2B1)
  87. Zarbdanntan (Band in Quebec, QC, G1L 2G8)
  88. hamza70980 (Musician in Sainte-Foy, QC, G1V 0B1)
  89. juan71190 (Musician in Sainte-Foy, QC, G1W 4X3)
  90. Daryl80 (Musician in Sillery, QC, G1S 4B3)
  91. Michel (Band in Lac-Saint-Charles, QC, G3G 2X8)
  92. boutolanimal (Musician in Quebec, QC, G2C 0E8)
  93. jedi382 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1S 1P7)
  94. maxime72221 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G2c 1b4)
  95. Ji-4rce (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1L 3B6)
  96. Guillaume (Songwriter in Quebec, QC, G1L 1S7)
  97. darryl72525 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1K 2V5)
  98. Guy (Band in Charny, QC, G6X 3P8)
  99. Marcky (Musician in Quebec, QC, G3K 0C1)
  100. elie-anne73073 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1K 5B3)
  101. LouisLeMonstre (Musician in Beauport, QC, G1C 6N4)
  102. sim73381 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1m 4c8)
  103. nicolas73669 (Musician in Saint-Nicolas, QC, G7A 3W9)
  104. Blues-a-Berry (Musician in Loretteville, QC, G2B 1X6)
  105. marc-olivier74460 (Musician in Saint-Emile, QC, g3e 1a6)
  106. neige (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1L 1A2)
  107. alexisQC (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1L 2P1)
  108. julien75938 (Musician in Sainte-Foy, QC, G2G 1w3)
  109. jean76198 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1n 1n9)
  110. robert76520 (Musician in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, QC, G3A 1W7)
  111. profile76627 (Musician in Charlesbourg, QC, G2N 1L2)
  112. chris76819 (Musician in Beauport, QC, g1c 3t7)
  113. michel76948 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1R 1P4)
  114. camilawood (Musician in Beauport, QC, G1E 4Z6)
  115. daniel77127 (Musician in Lac-Beauport, QC, g3b 1j2)
  116. No name (Band in Quebec, QC, G1S 3V9)
  117. davidcaissy (Musician in Quebec, QC, G0A 3C0)
  118. Hafgufa (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1L 1C5)
  119. FunkJazzMathieu (Musician in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, QC, G3A 0M7)
  120. Through Sunlight (Musician in Sainte-Foy, QC, G1V 3E1)
  121. Sarah Ashkhan (Band in Courcelette, QC, G0A 1R2)
  122. Mister-Nobody (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1G 4J8)
  123. alex1986 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1R 5L6)
  124. Blanchette8202 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1J 4G8)
  125. Pas choisi (Band in Quebec, QC, G2G 0A1)
  126. valmor80271 (Musician in Wendake, QC, G0A 4V0)
  127. stevenhuf26 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G0A 4V0)
  128. profile80581 (Musician in Charlesbourg, QC, G1H 1W4)
  129. Gyom Vallieres (Musician in Quebec, QC, G3N 0N5)
  130. adel80829 (Musician in Sainte-Foy, QC, G1V 0A7)
  131. Luffy (Musician in Sainte-Foy, QC, G1V 4Y3)
  132. eva81430 (Musician in Sillery, QC, G1T 1K9)
  133. capt10 (Musician in Stoneham, QC, G3C 1S5)
  134. greenshit1781983 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1R 1H1)
  135. maxime82094 (Musician in Beauport, QC, G1C 8J4)
  136. LaPlaneLune (Musician in Beauport, QC, G1C 7H7)
  137. ALXG77 (Musician in Charlesbourg, QC, G2n 2k3)
  138. DrumaBash (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1G 2C7)
  139. poldo84981 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1S 2L5)
  140. kath88987 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1C 3H2)
  141. Frankyboy65 (Musician in Pintendre, QC, G6C 1S8)
  142. georgia85891 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G0A 4N0)
  143. dominic86011 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G2B 2E3)
  144. stephane86091 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1P 1T1)
  145. frank86306 (Musician in Levis, QC, G6V 8V9)
  146. TheTone (Musician in Sainte-Foy, QC, G1V 2V3)
  147. Fobyas (Band in Quebec, QC, G1K 4K6)
  148. danylefort (Musician in Sainte-Foy, QC, G1x 5c3)
  149. mat1505 (Musician in Saint-Gilles, QC, G0S 2P0)
  150. MarcoPolo (Musician in Beauport, QC, G1E 3V8)
  151. charles86682 (Musician in Sainte-Foy, QC, G1V 2M9)
  152. sylvain86695 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1J 4G8)
  153. Forest BOYS (Band in Quebec, QC, G1K 0A4)
  154. Dagon86 (Musician in Shannon, QC, G3N 0S6)
  155. alexis86802 (Musician in Saint-Jean-Chrysostome, QC, G6Z 3L3)
  156. Magalie (Band in Charlesbourg, QC, G1H 5B1)
  157. Tomidebadi (Musician in Cap-Rouge, QC, G1Y 3B5)
  158. JF86 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1W 0A2)
  159. yordanka87420 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1N 3A3)
  160. moise87737 (Musician in Charlesbourg, QC, G1G 3V3)
  161. Frwa (Musician in La Baie, QC, G1E 4W4)
  162. edouard88048 (Musician in Levis, QC, G6W 8E6)
  163. Aura Jean (Musician in Saint-Romuald, QC, G6W 2K1)
  164. william88181 (Musician in Val-Belair, QC, G3k 1x2)
  165. megan28 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1M 4E5)
  166. philippe88201 (Musician in Saint-Jean-Chrysostome, QC, G6Z 3L8)
  167. matieu88209 (Musician in Charny, QC, G6x 3k7)
  168. profile88505 (Musician in Levis, QC, G6v 2x4)
  169. vanessa1990 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1X 1R0)
  170. Jean-gab (Band in Vanier, QC, G1M 3N2)
  171. bastien88859 (Musician in Sainte-Foy, QC, G1V 1T1)
  172. Shadow Knight (Musician in Sainte-Marie, QC, G6E 3M8)
  173. amelie89064 (Musician in Levis, QC, G6V 8Z5)
  174. simon89321 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1J 4H7)
  175. aurore89355 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1S 2C1)
  176. profile89397 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1L 2T4)
  177. Dreena (Musician in Levis, QC, G6V 1M6)
  178. nathanbdb2000 (Musician in Charlesbourg, QC, G1G 5L2)
  179. profile89677 (Musician in Val-Belair, QC, G3J 1J1)
  180. cdauphin (Musician in Quebec, QC, G2B 5J8)
  181. boli89847 (Musician in Charlesbourg, QC, G1H 6E9)
  182. Gstring (Musician in Beauport, QC, G1E 4L2)
  183. Octopux (Musician in Charlesbourg, QC, G1H 5Y7)
  184. Rwick (Musician in Sainte-Foy, QC, G2g 1k7)
  185. valentin90248 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1R 2R4)
  186. stephane90284 (Musician in Beaumont, QC, G0R 1C0)
  187. dhia90323 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1S 1S1)
  188. shanerulo123 (Musician in Sainte-Foy, QC, G1W 1X8)
  189. Royer01 (Musician in Saint-Romuald, QC, G6W 3M5)
  190. paco90897 (Musician in Saint-Henri-de-Levis, QC, G0R 3E0)
  191. Clement (Venue in Quebec, QC, G1L 4J8)
  192. mcrmilady (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1S 2Y1)
  193. MichaelKG (Musician in Sainte-Foy, QC, G1X 1B8)
  194. haddock91316 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1J 2Y8)
  195. jerome91348 (Musician in Sainte-Foy, QC, G1V 1T9)
  196. jo006 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G3E 1Y8)
  197. kevenb34 (Musician in Saint-Etienne-de-Lauzon, QC, G6J 1W3)
  198. Joseph (Band in Beauport, QC, G1E 4W4)
  199. Marineetche (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1K 9B8)
  200. PassionAndWarfare (Musician in Charlesbourg, QC, G1H 5M6)
  201. Rosabel (Band in Quebec, QC, G2B 2K4)
  202. sebastien91885 (Musician in Levis, QC, G6V 7V5)
  203. Unnamed (Band in Charlesbourg, QC, G1H 2G7)
  204. alex_a7x98 (Musician in Sainte-Apolline-de-Patton, QC, G0R 2P0)
  205. denis92245 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G2B 3V1)
  206. pierre-alexandre92285 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1M 3H9)
  207. nathaniel2398 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1J 4E9)
  208. zlooque (Musician in Loretteville, QC, G2B 3E4)
  209. charlosBambinos (Musician in Pintendre, QC, G6C 1L1)
  210. SteevePo (Musician in Levis, QC, G6V 8R2)
  211. michel93062 (Musician in Sainte-Marie, QC, G6E 0a3)
  212. Yaya_leroux (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1S 1V5)
  213. Jeff (Band in Charlesbourg, QC, G1G 3x2)
  214. nicolas93938 (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1A 0A2)
  215. roger94017 (Musician in Sainte-Foy, QC, G1X 4P9)
  216. Casilvag (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1S 2L5)
  217. paul94369 (Musician in Sainte-Foy, QC, G1V 4h9)
  218. Good_Old_TiTi (Musician in Quebec, QC, G2N 0H6)
  219. MCouture1961 (Musician in Charlesbourg, QC, G2L 1J3)
  220. Aidin (Musician in Sainte-Foy, QC, G1V 3Z2)
  221. Mike (Band in Levis, QC, G6V 1A3)
  222. profile95182 (Musician in Sainte-Foy, QC, G1V 2J4)
  223. JoCut-84 (Musician in Lac-Beauport, QC, G3B 1C6)
  224. William carrier (Musician in Levis, QC, G6W 6C4)
  225. Abyss (Band in Saint-Emile, QC, G3E 1G9)
  226. maxym95909 (Musician in Saint-Redempteur, QC, G6K 1E9)
  227. danielnobre (Musician in Sainte-Foy, QC, G1X 1P7)
  228. profile96238 (Musician in Saint-Anselme, QC, G0R 2N0)
  229. profile96244 (Musician in Saint-Anselme, QC, G0R 2N0)
  230. JSlain (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1C 6A6)
  231. olivier96469 (Musician in Charlesbourg, QC, G1G 4P2)
  232. profile96914 (Musician in Val-Belair, QC, G3K 2L9)
  233. Olivier Deschenes (Musician in Saint-Nicolas, QC, G7A 3M8)
  234. MadMax (Musician in Quebec, QC, g2a 2v9)
  235. Clement (Venue in Quebec, QC, G1L 4J8)
  236. DJ Omnimaga (Musician in Quebec, QC, G1N 2R4)
  237. Limoilou en vrac (Venue in Quebec, QC, G1L 2X3)
  238. The (Band in Saint-Henri-de-Levis, QC, G0R 3E0)