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Thank you Thank you!! My band has found the most amazing drummer through your site. I love what you have put together here. Thank you so much!!” - Toronto - Ontario

Your service was very good,I am starting anew band and found the vocalist I was searching for ; you guys rock ; love and light John..” - Montreal - Quebec

One of the best musician resources out there. Awesome man” - Calgary - Alberta

I love this site. Very professional and well thought out. I have made some excellent connections using your services.” - Victoria - British Columbia

A lot of great features and functionality. Solid collection of musicians here.” - Toronto - Ontario

Joined a band a few days after signing up on your service. Thanks!” - Hamilton - Ontario

Wow, just wow. This is the best site in its field hands down. Great site.” - Montreal - Quebec

This was a great experience on bandmix, I found a bass player and an awesome piano player. We get together a few times a week and are getting close to start playing out. This was a great idea and really works.” - Gatineau - Quebec

Thanks for doing all musicians a brilliant service...- Awesome...!” - Toronto - Ontario