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  1. art damage (Band in Sydney, NS, B1P 5S4)
  2. The Chicago Typewriters (Band in Sydney, NS, B1R 1W1)
  3. Katss (Musician in Sydney, NS, B1S 2H4)
  4. dermot (Musician in Sydney, NS, B1S 2K6)
  5. ToddMoffatt (Musician in Sydney, NS, B1P 2T9)
  6. Freddie (Musician in Sydney, NS, B1N 1S3)
  7. wade (Musician in North Sydney, NS, B2A 3N6)
  8. Swing On The Spiral (Musician in Glace Bay, NS, B1H 5M1)
  9. Mosy (Musician in Sydney, NS, b1s 3j6)
  10. Music_Lover_88 (Musician in Sydney, NS, B1M 1A7)
  11. Jimmy (Band in Sydney Forks, NS, b1p 3c7)
  12. matthew christmas (Musician in Sydney, NS, b1s 3k9)
  13. MattCook (Musician in Florence, NS, B1Y 1N9)
  14. Ryan Devison (Musician in Glace Bay, NS, B1A 5M7)
  15. RGibbs (Musician in New Waterford, NS, B1P 4A1)
  16. Female Singer (Band in New Waterford, NS, B1H 2S1)
  17. Trevor101 (Musician in Sydney Mines, NS, b1v 1k5)
  18. Taleisin (Musician in Sydney, NS, B1P 3C5)
  19. bill38922 (Musician in Louisbourg, NS, b1c 1m9)
  20. cosisb40144 (Musician in Sydney, NS, B1P 4S3)
  21. miriam142 (Musician in Sydney, NS, B1P 2Y2)
  22. sheldon55972 (Musician in Glace Bay, NS, B1A 1P5)
  23. blaine57110 (Musician in Sydney, NS, B2A 4S1)
  24. roberta60955 (Musician in Dominion, NS, B1G 1G2)
  25. vince64167 (Musician in South Bar, NS, B1N 3H3)
  26. paul64803 (Musician in Louisbourg, NS, B1C 1K2)
  27. james64816 (Musician in St-Joseph-du-Moine, NS, B0E 3A0)
  28. darren66049 (Musician in North Sydney, NS, B2A 2J6)
  29. herman68398 (Musician in Sydney, NS, B1P 1A1)
  30. william69526 (Musician in Millville, NS, B1Y 2J9)
  31. Jordan (Band in Glace Bay, NS, B1A 3A3)
  32. bill69799 (Musician in Sydney, NS, B1P 6L5)
  33. owen70434 (Musician in Sydney, NS, B1S 3r7)
  34. baden73182 (Musician in New Waterford, NS, B1H 2M2)
  35. georgina74002 (Musician in Sydney Mines, NS, B1V 2S5)
  36. jerrett74037 (Musician in Sydney Mines, NS, B1V 2B9)
  37. mike74841 (Musician in Sydney, NS, B1N 2V3)
  38. gary75256 (Musician in Sydney, NS, B1P 2Y3)
  39. abbymac97 (Musician in Antigonish, NS, B1A 1C8)
  40. scott76773 (Musician in North Sydney, NS, B2a 1a8)
  41. johnne5 (Musician in Sydney Mines, NS, B1V 1V2)
  42. george77635 (Musician in North Sydney, NS, B2A 0A5)
  43. Shaueed (Musician in Sydney, NS, B1M 1A2)
  44. russell79689 (Musician in Florence, NS, B1y 1g7)
  45. RobieHillier (Musician in New Waterford, NS, B1H 3V3)
  46. jennifer789 (Musician in Sydney, NS, B1P 3H6)
  47. corine82465 (Musician in River Ryan, NS, B1H 1B6)
  48. Allister (Musician in Eskasoni, NS, B1W 1C3)
  49. Ska (Musician in North Sydney, NS, B2a 1e8)
  50. Careless Minds (Band in Eskasoni, NS, B1W 1A1)
  51. tyler83711 (Musician in Sydney Mines, NS, B1V 2L2)
  52. Claim to Shame (Band in Sydney, NS, B1R 1Z5)
  53. Paulieboy22 (Musician in Florence, NS, B1Y 1h2)
  54. john86640 (Musician in Sydney, NS, B1v 1j2)
  55. The Original Freedom Band (Band in Sydney, NS, B1P 4T6)
  56. rehab87052 (Musician in Glace Bay, NS, B1A 0A1)
  57. jadonaucoin (Musician in Sydney, NS, B1R 2L3)
  58. godson87565 (Musician in Sydney, NS, B1P 5T2)
  59. ProgRockNik (Musician in Sydney Mines, NS, B1v 2x1)
  60. Travis (Band in Sydney, NS, B1P 4H5)
  61. destiny89551 (Musician in Sydney, NS, B1P 3K3)
  62. cliff92017 (Musician in Sydney, NS, B1A 1A6)
  63. johnniemac (Musician in Edwardsville, NS, B2A 4S5)
  64. joe_D (Musician in Sydney, NS, B1R 1K9)
  65. Darkened Divinity (Band in New Victoria, NS, B1H 4z9)
  66. louisjames18 (Musician in Reserve Mines, NS, B1E 1G6)
  67. preston95504 (Musician in Georges River, NS, B1y 3H7)
  68. matthew95696 (Musician in Lingan, NS, B1H 5G3)
  69. milkfishdrama (Musician in North Sydney, NS, B2A 2K9)
  70. SolarCompound (Musician in Glace Bay, NS, B1A 5K1)
  71. jordan97177 (Musician in Alder Point, NS, B1Y 1A1)
  72. Cape Breton Music Industry Cooperative (Management company in Sydney, NS, B1P 1S4)
  73. JD12355 (Musician in Sydney, NS, B1P 6M3)
  74. Ryan1987 (Musician in Florence, NS, B1Y 1E9)
  75. Rayparty530 (Musician in Sydney, NS, B1P 2W7)
  76. aaron98709 (Musician in Sydney, NS, B1N 2T5)
  77. Jack Summerell (Musician in Reserve Mines, NS, B1E 1G9)
  78. shazia100573 (Musician in Shenacadie, NS, B1T 1M6)
  79. drake101064 (Musician in Donkin, NS, B1A 1A0)
  80. Sebastian_L (Musician in Northside East Bay, NS, B1J 1K8)
  81. BRETON (Musician in Sydney, NS, B1L 1G9)
  82. tyler105852 (Musician in New Waterford, NS, B1h 1w4)
  83. Starbuckkavya97 (Musician in Sydney, NS, B1P 5Z7)
  84. jaybradley (Musician in North Sydney, NS, B2A 2E3)
  85. willowuwu447 (Musician in Scotch Lake, NS, B1y 3x1)
  86. alex107615 (Musician in Dominion, NS, B1G 1J9)
  87. roblarusic (Musician in Sydney, NS, B1S 2Y1)
  88. Mark (Recording studio in Northside East Bay, NS, B1J 1E2)
  89. ron109195 (Musician in Marion Bridge, NS, B1K 3N4)