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-20–28 Years Old
-Serious / Dedicated / Reliable
-Able To Play To Metronome (Click Track)
-Great Stage Presence
-Own Top Of The Line Gear

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Kevin Karman (Vocals / Guitar)

A man with a vision, by the name of Kevin Karman created Liquid Eve. Kevin first started playing the drums in 1995, and shortly thereafter found himself addicted to guitar. Being a lefty he trained himself to play right handed. With a craving to create, he immediately started composing music and before Kevin knew it, he was in the studio recording his first self-titled LP solo. Kevin searched for and found other dedicated musicians to take his music to the stage. Kevin adopted the nickname “Karmon” from a drunken slur from a friend. “Karmon” became a chant and was expressed where ever he was seen. Style wise, Kevin brings punkish melodies and thought provoking, pot induced lyrics, backed by aggression.

Chris Derus (Bass / Backing Vocals)

Chris came from a musical family and they exposed music to him at an early age. Like some children, he started off learning simple fundamentals of music playing the piano. It wasn’t until mid way through high school a friend inspired him to start playing bass guitar, an instrument he’s always loved the sound of. Just after Chris turned 18, he was asked to join a local metal band called Overthrow. Chris played numerous shows all over Ontario during their 5 years as a band. The band dissolved in mid 2002. In 2003, Chris met Kevin Karman, and soon after Liquid Eve started to emerge. Chris brings aggressive funk driven baselines to the band.

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