It is now June 2021 and am currently wanting to collaborate with other musicians via the internet.

have developed a certain level of hopefully advanced skill with the guitar and I suppose have some medium to good vocal skills....I have a softer kind of baritone voice...Most of my musical practice throughout the years has been on playing electric guitar leads....So that could be my musical strength- and probably singing duets in songs with harmonies is another strength...

have recently been able to share mp3 and other format audio files with others and import and export the files using various audio computer programs and audio equipment. Then creating a more finalized mixdown...using some fairly basic software.

The songs I have posted here have all been done with an older 1990s/ early 2000s multitracker...on most of the songs here I do all of the playing, singing, recording and mixing....On a few tracks I used a rhythm machine....except I used a Robert Plant etc. backing track for the Led Zeppelin song of course heheh, but did all the guitar work on that one (have played this one a few times at jams so it's getting there). Also on Black Betty, I used a bass/drum backing track and did all of the guitar work on that one. Pretty much everything else I perform all the singing and playing except for Memphis Tennessee where I collaborated with another bandmix musician and he did most of the backing track (guitar,bass, percussion) though I sang and added a little background guitar and added some colour (hand clapping), lol...

and just added my version of a Jim Croce song recently.....Totally different style of playing for me..Could even use help with the rhythm guitar on this?- ie, someone that can finger pick more like a James Taylor style would help me out? I almost always use a pick now......The guitar solo on my recording was improvised....I suppose this type of song suits my vocal style....kind of a challenge trying to mix and record this...though I suppose it's coming along.

Before the pandemic I was playing lead guitar and singing backup vocals in a band that was doing mostly classic rock songs. Our band was hosting local jams and playing mostly for free though this band was starting to get some paid gig opportunity offers. Though I have always made my living doing traditional work so the music is more like a somewhat serious hobby.

In recent years I have started to do more singing while playing acoustic guitar. A simple mix of two vocalist/guitarists, sometimes with one electric guitar and one acoustic guitar could probably work well for me....I find that some songs are nice just keeping them uncluttered....other songs sound better with the addtion of bass and percussion. I enjoy singing with others and feel very comfortable singing harmonies.

am committed to the continued development of my skills. Continuously practicing and learning new songs....

am comfortable improvising guitar leads and in recent years have made an effort to learn various guitar solos somewhat similar to the orginal artist's solos...

New song for me temporarily posted here....May 2021 - Grateful Dead cover, Touch of Grey....just a preliminary set of takes on this multitrack recording.....far from a finished product, however I like the song and hopefully will be able to play this song live with others later :)

Baker Street: in 2020 used a backing track consisting of bass and drums and did all the rhythm, lead guitars and singing on this multitrack recording (Foo Fighter version)....(Sang this one with our band....one of the few lead singing songs I did in our band- as I often like to sing backup vocals with stronger vocalists than I taking the lead vocals).

in Dec 2020 added some new vocal tracks/multitrack recording samples of my "singing" songs...

in 2020 recorded Black Betty. Rhythm and Lead guitars...(using a drum/bass backing track)..

some of the other tracks, I used a rhythm machine- with simple rhythms.....hopefully will sound much better with real drums of course...ie with Jumping Jack Flash used a pedal to recreate a bass line and a drum machine...same process for Boys are Back In Town..etc....created all the channels using a multitracker. (Jumping Jack Flash and The Boys are Back in Town are still posted, though not currently activated as the guitar playing is a bit noisy in a way) heheh. Though I can re-activate these later if someone wants to hear my multitrack renditions of these two songs...to demonstrate the guitar parts etc...

am also interested in creating original music.......will plan to get more involved with music/jams/maybe even gigs again in the near future.

Thanks, Will

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classic rock, contemporary folk, folk rock, some blues, some heavy rock, some light rock -lots of different kinds of music, playing a bunch of Beatles songs 2016 and 2017..adding songs continuously

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this and that. If I need some musical equipment that's usually not a problem..