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Bio--[a little about me]---

I don't consider myself a Country star or A Rock the 2 titles go..cause i don't fall under either.
I have heard so much music over the years in both styles that i just fell in love with both styles from a very young age, and it has just naturally carried over into my own style of writing.

I love both styles of Music and when I'm writing and thinking about life...i draw from both Styles.
every song is Completely different..and unique unto itself. Its not forced it just happens that way with me...i grew up with both styles of music thus i draw from both in my heart and in my head.

What I Am Looking For In A Lead Guitarist/Guitarist!

I am looking for one or 2 lead guitarist's, but an all in one type player would be cool 2.. a 'Country all-Star' Lead Player...and a Rocker *All Star Guitarist,,or a guy who likes music with a few challenges both from a musical standpoint but also from a drumming standpoint...[i tend to be meticulous in my writing craft..but in the end i think the songs are that much better that way [of course..that's not to say i don't just go out on a long branch and wing it..cause sometimes the sh**t that also happens is pretty damn incredible...@ times!..haha] all my songs which usually contain enough guitar licks twists and turns in the song to keep any good musician on his toes..enough to satisfy any good rocker or country picker! [this all a bit of rehash really from what i have been saying all along..the goal is writing good songs and entertaining the audience..that's it...also, i am closer up the leg right now of finishing 1st country album and all rock album as well]. So if you are one of these individuals then please apply within. and to hear more of my music please go to my,page and check out all my songs that are in circulation..and will soon be out on major song retail sites.
...[in the Meantime i will be waiting...and please get in touch with me..i play 'Country' venues I play 'Rock' venues....don't matter ..all the same 2 me. Cheers:)

[What I Am Looking For In A Drummer] ...Please see above...just apply that to one drummer...or possibly 2.

[What I Am Looking For in a Backup Singer] ..always varies cause each song is very different..i am just really looking for a couple mates onstage who can harmonize well..not on every song but whenever its crucial to the song..a male guitarist and male OR female drummer..i don't care, Whoever is up to the task..

Eventually if one or 2 of my albums becomes mega successful or something like that..then I may switch too one style or genre of music..too fit in a little better maybe..[i suppose]...but for right now i am just really enjoying writing in the 2 genres and will probably continue this way for awhile yet.

Bill Walker Milton,

Please send email When you are ready, and thanks for your interest..

Bill Walker Milton (walker639@)

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Hard Rock /Metal Influences: Motley Crue, Led Zeppelin, Sabbath and Ozzy solo stuff,..crazy train, bark@ the Moon, shot in the dark, AC/DC, back in black, For those about to rock..Tool,sober album..and followup. Metallica,
(early stuff mostly..a few newer ones too), Bad Company, Tom Cochrane..(Red-Rider Early Stuff), Phil Collins and 2 many others.

Country Influences: Elvis, George Jones, Steve Earle, Johnny Cash, Travis TritT, Dwight Yoakam, Keith Urban.

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guitars (acoustic and electric),
assorted mics, various recording equipment.