4 Crying Out Loud!


Vocalist, Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar.


I play drums and write lyrics.

In the short-term, I am not interested playing concerts. Though, I would like to go in that direction eventually. Short-term wise, my only goal is to record a song from my former band - then take it from there. The song is called Roll Call. Both Parts 1 and 2 of the song can be found in the audio section of my bandmix profile.

I have also written a bunch of new songs, but I am not focused on those at this time.

I am currently working on Roll Call with one other person (a lead guitarist / rhythm guitarist / bass player). Together, we are under the name 4 Crying Out Loud!. Initially, I was attempting to form a full band, with 2 guitarists, bass guitarist and a vocalist, to jam, record and perform concerts. But, I realized I am not currently in a position to do all of those activities at this time - perhaps soon. Currently, we can definitely record, and we could probably jam also. But, concerts will have to wait.

Nonetheless, there is still a need to find a vocalist to sing the song (Roll Call). The vocalist is the most pressing need at this time, but guitarists, bass players and keyboardists should still contact me for down the road - for when we are in a position, again, to form a full band.

Roll Call - it is a new version that will be recorded. The heavy rock component of the song has been removed, but guitars (rhythm, lead) are still being used. The guitars now have a U2 feel, as well as other types of guitar sounds. The new version is cleaner relative to the original audio posted at this bandmix site. Nevertheless, it is still a rock-funk sounding song.

We hope to record the song on a cheap online recording software. It is strictly for fun - nothing professional. The goal is to post the song on our Youtube channel (4 Crying Out Loud!):


We own the copyrights to all the songs (both old and new), thus we are able to record them (and also put them on any future albums, if anything ends up going in that direction).

We write primarily about relationships, but we also write about struggles people face in life (i.e. cancer, lupus....) and about faith (Christian).

Early U2 style original songs.

I am a Christian person. I am down to earth and easy to get along with.

Currently, the only sound proof practice place in the house is the size of a bedroom (in the basement). One should probably not be claustrophobic. However, I am looking into putting in sound reduction foam panels in the basement living room area (to block the sound from semi-detached neighbours). If successful, it will open up a practice area that is far bigger.

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Early U2 music, The Cure, Chic, New Wave music and Funk music.


Pearl drums
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