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Hey! Thanks for checking out my profile. I have a ton of info here, but I feel it's all relevant & you may as well find out all the basics now. :)

1. Location: In the GTA (Toronto & west of it) and near the 401, 407 or the 403 as far west as London could work for me. I am retired, so I have no problem driving a bit to get to/from practices or gigs.

2. Commitment: interested in joining/forming a band that gigs a couple of times per month at the most. Not aiming to make this anything more than a part-time thing. Most likely I wouldn't have the time to go on any extended 'tour' outside of Southern Ontario.

3. My Singing: Vocal range is very similar to Ian Anderson's (of Jethro Tull fame) - some of the baritone range & some of the tenor range. I am good at harmonizing within that range & perhaps some falsetto.

4. Experience: Have not been in a rock band situation on a regular basis for the last 10 yrs (been focusing my energies towards Christian music & other things). So, I do not have a huge repertoire memorized, but when I have worked with a band (I did quite recently), I am enthused about learning/re-learning tunes & I have a good honest work ethic.

5. You can contact me at "blueznjazz" (at) "hotmail" (dot) "com

6. Attitude: I have absolutely no interest in dealing with big egos, pissing contests, or those who get wasted/stoned before or during a gig. Respect the music & bandmates, right? :-)

7. Practices: I can practice with a band once a week (perhaps twice when a gig is approaching).

8. Willingness: As is the case for most people, my commitments eat up a lot of time. Nevertheless, I always make room for music!

9. Venues: I'm cool with playing at house parties, charity functions, park events, pubs, clubs, etc. (as long as body armour and/or an armed guard aren't necessary. lol) I'd be available for weekend or weeknight practices & gigs. I have my own transportation.

10. Approach: FWIW, I find it best when everyone in a band works on their parts between practices, then focuses most on getting synchronized, working on timing/dynamics/etc during each practice session. I find that multiple reps of each song on the practice agenda is important. Of course, there needs to be some flexibility with all this, and a practice should not feel like boot camp either (fortunately I haven't experienced that yet, but I wanted to mention it) Want to have fun, get to know each other, be patient & encourage each other & not rush the process, but at the same time, not lose sight of the goal either.

11. Strengths & My Rust: I have a good ear & I "get it" in a wide range of styles of music. I can play kbds & rhythm gtr fine, but I am still dealing with some stubborn rust. So, the learning curves are still there, but they are not insurmountable by any stretch. So, give me some homework, some of your patience, and I will learn the songs.

12. Learning Curve: I would need some time to catch up to a band that already has a 30-song set list down pat, but I will get there. So, if you were planning on gigging 3 full sets in less than a month, I am probably not your best choice!

13. My Role: I am a team player (It is about the song, not about me) & I'm an excellent listener/communicator. I see myself as being in a supporting role during performances, not the focus of the attention etc. I am comfortable moving between Rhythm Gtr & Keys, plus perhaps some backing vocals.

14 Input: Between performances, I do like to have the opportunity to offer my opinion & offer constructive suggestions/requests re: music, sound, and logistics.

15. Songwriting & Originals: Also very open to performing/recording originals and/or providing input on writing/arranging. (I have written songs too)

One reality is that everyone approaches writing lyrics/music in different ways. For me, if there was Myers-Briggs test for artistic personality, I would be called something like "Contemplative Creative", ie. I come up with my ideas after hearing the song or song concept & letting it 'ferment' in my noggin. Then, at some point, stuff pops into my head and it is usually worthwhile.

16 Not A Jam-band Man: This also means that, unfortunately, I am not productive in terms of creating new music off-the-cuff in a jam situation (except, perhaps developing a melody or harmonies, or identifying what a song needs.). That's who I am, for better or worse. :)

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10 to 50
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1. Influences: You name the genre & I can find a bunch of bands/artist I respect. There is great music & are awesome artists within every genre & decade.

2. What Resonates With Me: Don't identify with one specific genre, rather, the key characteristics like authenticity, relevance, energy, wittiness & humour. etc. Most of all, the music has to come from the heart & not just exist as a corporately defined cliche-ridden 'product' for sale.

3. In General:

* Classical, Jazz & Blues (not "lite" muzak jazz!)
* British Invasion, Classic Rock, and Jangly-ish Power Pop.
* Punk, New Wave, Mod, Ska, and Reggae,
* Grunge, Alt-rock, most 90s rock music, Garage rock,
* 'Heartland Rock, Folk & Gritty Country, and
* Contemporary Christian rock.

4. Band Personality: I prefer to be part of a band that has a personality & an attitude/message/focus. I am drawn to bands with social/political/spritual commentary in their songs. The band needs to have some energy on stage & knows how to fire up the audience to get them singing, dancing, and throwing their worries to the wind (but not beer bottles! lol), etc.,

5. Passion Please!: I think it's awesome if a band has a lead singer who doesn't sing "too perfect" - i.e. can still hit the notes, but power, wit, and passion are present in the singing & stage presence.

6. Vision Please: I am most motivated when I am with people with a big picture vision, rather than winging it and/or picking songs out of a hat.

7. Project Ideas: Of course I enjoy a ton of great music from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, (and anything with those influences) but more & more & am getting the itch to be part of a Cover Band project based on one or more of the following:

(a) a Power-Pop/melodic rock band with crunchy/jangly guitars & great harmonies (Matthew Sweet, Teenage Fanclub, Sloan, Jeff Buckley, Sloan, Foo Fighters, Cheap Trick, The Smithereens, Big Star, 54-40, Gin Blossoms, Weezer, Matthew Good, The Pursuit of Happiness, The Knack, etc),

(b) a snappy witty New Wave-ish pop/rock (The Jam, The Cars, Joe Jackson, The Smiths, early Elvis Costello, Blondie,The Beat, Pretenders, etc),

(c) a band backing a gutsy female lead with talent & musical 'attitude' (eg. Shirley Manson) and an interest in projecting that talent/stage presence onto an eclectic mix of tunes,

(d) a band performing intelligent 80s music that can get people dancing (Simple Minds, The The, Bowie, Iggy, Tears for Fears, The Cure, Pet Shop Boys, Talk Talk, Parachute Club, Depeche Mode, The Box, Peter Gabriel, etc),

(e) a 'Manchester-sound' band (Charlatans UK, The Verve, Stone Roses....(& Oasis without the egos & fights!),

(f) a garage/retro sound (The Black Keys, the Love Me Nots, The Clique (UK), The Chevelles, The Woggles,The Boss Martians, Dandy Warhols, The Mooney Suzuki, The Sonics, etc)

(g) a band focusing on what I call 'Heartland Rock' - Petty, Mellencamp, Springsteen, The Triffids [for the Aussies out there :) ], John Hiatt, Melissa Etheridge, Sheryl Crow, etc.,

(h) or I could get into a tribute band for the Black Keys, the Foo Fighters, R.E.M. , U2....

8. Originals Band: I am totally open to being in a band focusing on originals. If the music you've written resonates with me, I'd love to support you. If the band is dedicated to writing songs from scratch, I could be interested too.

9. Choosing Cover Songs: I'm definitely not stubborn or anal about my preferences. Everyone in a band has to give & take when it comes to putting together set lists. Basically, if it's 'real' and not cheesy music (written to make record execs rich/happy), then I can believe in the music & will love to play it.

10. Cover Band Caveats: Although I respect bands in the following genres (esp those that do the socio-political commentary thing), I do not play 'hair metal', speed metal, thrash, rap, hip-hop, excessively sugar-sweet country, or anything that you may hear regularly on a "Lite-FM" muzak station. But I do like more gritty country, southern rock, folk/country-rock. (I dig Steve Earl, Allman Brothers, Eagles, Murray McLaughlin, and Bruce Cockburn for example)

Instrument experience:

Rhythm Guitar:
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Bass Guitar:
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* Rickenbackers, Gibson, Fender, Reverend, and Godin guitars

* Line6 "Helix" floorboard for live stereo effects & some spiffy pedals. Also a TC Helicon VoiceLive 3 and vocal mic.

* Nord & Yamaha keyboards, nice analog synths, midi controller keyboard, and stereo keyboard amp. Just need to find a willing "Sherpa" to help me carry it all to & from gigs! ;)

* really nice clones of Vox AC30, JTM-45 Marshall, Fender Blackface & Fender Tweed (all are tube amps).

* ....and other stuff that I probably have lost sommmmmwhere in the house. ;-) lol !