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Depression: May I Feel Peace?

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Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Keyboard, Other.


I am looking to create Virtual Band! What???? :D

I am already a virtual band, I don't play an instrument. I find or create simple loop tunes with various instruments using Adobe Audition and Affects, Magix Music Maker and a DAW (Samplitude).

Simple is fine but hardcore drum or guitar solo or any instrument to actually play to the song. Yah.... NO! I suck in that department, but I am very creative, if you're not looking it might fly by without being noticed.

As a Singer, Songwriter. I sing mostly B2K Style (Before 2k), this is a Genre I have coined. However I am starting to see it being used and will probably never get the credit for that. :)

Here is my thought, I do my thing and create my songs like I do. Then the virtual drummer of Angry Knight's listens to my song and records his magic, Find a logical place to put a solo and I will modify my original recording by removing my loops for your musical input.

Then I take the updated recording and send it to the next person in the band (eg: Guitar Lead, or base, Keyboard etc).

When the track is done we post it as a new Angry Knights track with new Drummer "" and New Lead Guitarist, New Base, Keyboard, etc...

No guarantees this is going to work, but It sounds doable to me and if it does work, this will be the first real band to do it. Documentaries will be written about us and how we paved the way to the next generation of ... Ok maybe I am getting ahead of myself. LoL, but no one can say that's not possible! Fingers Crossed!! :D

I will modify all my sites to include the Band Members of Angry Knights. Sharing credit just like a real band. After we put together about 10 - 12 songs I will go through the process of publishing them to all the major and minor Music Media sites. You can all post them as band members to your personal site and profits (if any, I make a few 100 bucks a year on things I have posted) will be shared 50/50 +1. The +1 will be a fictitious member (to be named) whose portion will be used to pay the bills.

(Pop, Soft/Hard Rock and Alt)

But for realz, I am a HARDCORE team player and team builder. Check out the songs I wrote, please check them out! I didn't put many space in my songs for solo's so we will need to re-work them to fit in guitar, drum keyboard solo's.

Also... if you sing or write songs lets put them all together, I don't mind sharing the mic, the spot-light and the $$ 50/50 +1 across the board.

Angry Knights will be our band name (I own the .com URL), I have spent a lot of time promoting that band over the years and have turned down dozens of offers to do shows (I don't have the equipment, so it is something we can talk about in the future.).

My songs are available on all platforms for purchase and for free, because I feel like I am faking it. I have had offers of paid trips to other countries for the whole band, lol. I'm a little bit embarrassed every time I have to turn offers down and tell them the truth.

Send me an email if you are interested, let me pull a virtual group together around the world to jam and have fun and who knows. Either way, I want the next CD I put together to be a real band with all our pictures on it. Something we can show our kids. :) Stop whining! Let's do it!

talk2robby That is my gmail and my url redirect to my FB. So if you put a dot com on the end of talk2robby, it will forward you to my FB.

Over 2500 fans on SoundCloud
Over 10,000 fans on ReverbNation

If you are not on those sites, GET ON THEM! and add me! :)

I am looking for a Team. I like sharing the spot light and the mic. Not into drugs of any type or excessive anything. Drugs by themselves are team killers, Alcohol and partying "in excess" are team killers.

If I did put a band together it would be a team of people that connect to the music they play or sing to. They feel the words and/or the music inside themselves demanding freedom, to be heard and felt. Let the magic breathe and let's bring the magic back to this world.

If you're interested lets use "Depression: May I Feel Peace" as a test case. I have made it downloadable. Send me an email if you need any instrument modifications made on myside (i.e.: remove my version of drums, base, guitar etc.) and I will send you the changes. You need to have the ability to record your drums separately from my music if we go forward with the partnership. (I can clean audio of most background noise if you can't find a quiet place to play). I will need two recordings from you, one played with my song and one of just your instrument playing (Record your instrument with headphones on) Give at least a 10 second lead of blankness before you start so I can get a recording of background noise to remove from the rest of the recording. :)

Robert (at) AngryKnights (Dot) com

All the songs I am posting I have written (Lyrics and Music) produced and master myself (I am hoping to change this in the future with new band members). All the music is produced digitally, using a combination of PC Musical instruments simulation, in addition to DAW and Adobe applications for mastering and musical loop creations. I sing from Jazzy-Swing, Pop, Rock, Country and Rap (90's style), Needless to say I am not stuck on any particular music style. :)


On ReverbNation in the Pop category I am top 50s on the global charts. Soundcloud I get over 5k plays a day, with a few songs over 1 million plays.

If you are members of any of these sites below. I reciprocate all kindness, like for like, etc...








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Yamaha Keyboard, which I can't play, lol (Sad Face). I am a software developer and use several applications to produce my music. However I have not dropped any $$ on equipment yet. I know the internet, I know the web, I have a good head for marketing. If we take it to that level, who knows.