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  1. Sam Tore (Musician in Saint-Hyacinthe, QC, j2s 6y2)
  2. soil (Band in Montreal, QC, j0l 1p0)
  3. stevesolo (Musician in Rawdon, QC, J0K 1S0)
  4. Medicine Quartet (Venue in Le Gardeur, QC, j5z 4k6)
  5. TiMMay3 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1P 2L2)
  6. Esclusiva (Band in Montreal, QC, H1P 1K6)
  7. rocker1 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1G 4B1)
  8. hemisphere Gauche (Venue in Montreal, QC, h1g 6j7)
  9. maverick411 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H7H 2Y7)
  10. Lansig Artem (Musician in Montreal, QC, J3P 1x1)
  11. melissa7 (Musician in Laval, QC, H7M 3A3)
  12. Vicky (Musician in Laval, QC, h7m 1e2)
  13. pol (Venue in Montreal, QC, j6a 8c8)
  14. Phil74 (Musician in Joliette, QC, j6e 3x2)
  15. Jodi Martin (Musician in Repentigny, QC, J6A 1T9)
  16. Crushing Sky (Band in Montreal, QC, H1K 3X3)
  17. Clockwise Stereo (Band in Montreal, QC, H7H 2S7)
  18. Andre-Massicotte (Musician in Montreal, QC, h7m 3r9)
  19. 2000 MEN (Band in Montreal, QC, h1k 3w6)
  20. HEARTWORK (Band in Montreal, QC, H1E 3E8)
  21. ONE AWAY (Band in Laval, QC, H7H 3E1)
  22. jacques83 (Musician in Montreal, QC, h1a 1a1)
  23. 1HD (Band in Lachenaie, QC, J6W 3S3)
  24. sherifkarama (Musician in Montreal, QC, h7k 1s3)
  25. zero gravity (Band in Laval, QC, H7M 5J2)
  26. calson (Band in Montreal, QC, H1G 1P2)
  27. Gabriel (Musician in Montreal, QC, h1b 3e1)
  28. Incessant Wake (Band in Montreal, QC, H1A 4C7)
  29. Burke Mc Auley (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1K 3G4)
  30. Not Named (Band in Montreal, QC, H1e 6n8)
  31. Donovan (Musician in Saint-Hyacinthe, QC, J0H 1G0)
  32. A Timeless Journey (Band in Montreal, QC, H7E 1L6)
  33. elio49 (Musician in Montreal, QC, j0l 1n0)
  34. n/a (Band in Montreal, QC, h1e 2w7)
  35. Vguilbault (Musician in Terrebonne, QC, J6W 5X6)
  36. ALEX CESTA (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1E 7M6)
  37. MANHATTAN PROJECT (Band in Laval, QC, H7H 1K2)
  38. Steph.dcc (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1A 1N4)
  39. Detour (Band in Laval, QC, H7K 3M1)
  40. 6 In The City (Band in Montreal, QC, H1E 3P1)
  41. Clément (Musician in Mascouche, QC, J7K 3H9)
  42. Scaly Way (Band in Montreal, QC, J6A 7B7)
  43. Fender7 (Musician in Montreal, QC, J5W 2R2)
  44. Issa (Musician in Montreal, QC, h1b 2l7)
  45. SessionNine (Band in Montreal, QC, H1E 4H4)
  46. GaryFarrell (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1L 3Z8)
  47. landrobert (Musician in Montreal, QC, J6V 1P4)
  48. Philippe (Musician in Montreal, QC, J3P 2y7)
  49. pearl (Musician in Montreal, QC, h1g 4b1)
  50. Fatima (Band in Montreal, QC, H1P 1P2)
  51. Wormhole (Band in Montreal, QC, H1E 2T1)
  52. Golden Tuxydo (Musician in Terrebonne, QC, J6X 2P5)
  53. Floyd (Band in Montreal, QC, H1l 1l1)
  54. dont have one yet (Band in Montreal, QC, H7K 3P1)
  55. digidog (Musician in Montreal, QC, h1e 1w9)
  56. Mary Dee (Musician in Montreal-Ouest, QC, H1B 1A1)
  57. AMY WINEHOUSE TRIBUTE (SEEKING) (Band in Montreal, QC, h1g 3r4)
  58. MetallicPanda (Musician in Saint-Hyacinthe, QC, J2S 1P6)
  59. snareDrum (Musician in Mascouche, QC, j7l 3b8)
  60. JennyCorbeil (Musician in Laval, QC, H7H 1W2)
  61. DMD (Band in Montreal, QC, h1b 4k6)
  62. wildcard classic rock band (Band in Laval, QC, H7A 1M4)
  63. Stock Car Space League (Band in Montreal-Nord, QC, H1G 4W6)
  64. Dresden Flying Circus (Band in Montreal-Nord, QC, H1G 1C5)
  65. *Undetermined* (Band in Laval, QC, H7E 5M3)
  66. Dixie Flying Circus (Band in Laval, QC, H7E 5M3)
  67. Soul Of Sam - www.soulofsam.com (Band in Montreal, QC, H1K 3V3)
  68. FX Music 2 (Band in Laval, QC, H7H 1V8)
  69. Moremad (Musician in Montreal-Est, QC, H1B 1Y1)
  70. Zyglrox (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1A 1J3)
  71. ChrisBacci (Musician in Montreal-Nord, QC, J6W 6G9)
  72. Marie-Pascale (Sound engineer in Montreal, QC, J6V 1P4)
  73. Sunminds (Band in Montreal, QC, H1K 2Y5)
  74. Nadia76 (Musician in Rawdon, QC, J0K 1S0)
  75. Still haven't figured out (Band in Terrebonne, QC, J6W 5W1)
  76. Prokhyus (Musician in Repentigny, QC, J5Y 4A3)
  77. Move in light (Band in Montreal-Est, QC, H1J 2J6)
  78. TBA soon! (Band in L'Assomption, QC, J5W 1P1)
  79. marchand1234 (Musician in L'Assomption, QC, J5W 2H9)
  80. Pydepyperband (Band in Laval, QC, h7h 2z7)
  81. YvesMasse (Musician in Sainte-Julie, QC, j3e 1m8)
  82. gabriel36885 (Musician in Sorel-Tracy, QC, J3R 1N7)
  83. The Outrage (Band in Trois-Rivieres, QC, G0x 3L0)
  84. jacob37008 (Musician in Saint-Amable, QC, J0L 1N0)
  85. Kill Me After Tomorrow (Band in Montreal-Est, QC, H1C 2E8)
  86. newjersey5 (Band in Montreal, QC, h1g 4b1)
  87. Chair Warriors (Band in Montreal, QC, h7k 3t4)
  88. 2MuchDecibels (Musician in Saint-Hyacinthe, QC, J2S 5M8)
  89. Corneliu (Photographer in Laval, QC, H7A 4H3)
  90. MonochromeSeasons (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1K 1Z7)
  91. satyriasis (Musician in Joliette, QC, J6e 3y6)
  92. SoloGuitarist (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1E 6Y6)
  93. Oli T (Musician in Saint-Hyacinthe, QC, J2S 5T7)
  94. ubuntu39190 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1C 1J2)
  95. none yet (Band in Laval, QC, H7E 3C5)
  96. The Falling (Band in Laval, QC, H7A 1A1)
  97. thieves for life (Band in Montreal, QC, J6X 4J8)
  98. Charged With Arson (Band in Montreal, QC, H1A 1E1)
  99. adi40112 (Musician in Laval, QC, H7A 1A1)
  100. Generations (Band in Montreal, QC, H1E 2W7)
  101. Solo Vocalist (Musician in Montreal, QC, h1e 3s4)
  102. marcello_oltra (Musician in Terrebonne, QC, J6W 1Y3)
  103. JoseCuervo1 (Musician in Montreal-Nord, QC, H1G 5G2)
  104. BurnsProject (Musician in Laval, QC, H7A 1A1)
  105. Mr. J & The Midnight Shuffle (Band in Montreal, QC, J3X 2J6)
  106. frank42493 (Musician in Laval, QC, H7A 1A1)
  107. lilie43181 (Musician in Sorel-Tracy, QC, j3p 3e2)
  108. petepears (Musician in Mascouche, QC, J7K 1A9)
  109. Pascal talbot (Songwriter in Montreal-Est, QC, h1a 1h3)
  110. jamesvr01 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H7E 5N8)
  111. John the Bass player (Musician in Montreal-Est, QC, H1C 2A6)
  112. Jay_09 (Musician in Joliette, QC, J0K 2X0)
  113. dom45224 (Musician in Repentigny, QC, j5y 2b4)
  114. vanessa45383 (Musician in Laval, QC, H7K 3N1)
  115. Joey Stevens (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1E 5R9)
  116. julie51417 (Musician in Montreal, QC, j6e 6r6)
  117. Circus Avenue (Band in Joliette, QC, J6E 2S3)
  118. g-franchi (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1E 0A6)
  119. Juliancrethop (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1E 1C4)
  120. In Search Of Something (Band in Joliette, QC, J6E 2S3)
  121. Stephan Chabot (Musician in Sainte-Julie, QC, J3E 2R8)
  122. reynald53407 (Musician in Joliette, QC, J6E 4J5)
  123. madmat11 (Musician in Laval, QC, H7M 2T3)
  124. charles53784 (Musician in Rawdon, QC, J0K 1S0)
  125. yves54096 (Musician in Mascouche, QC, J7K 2R3)
  126. Retro Chic (Band in Joliette, QC, J6E 9J8)
  127. Peter mercuri (Musician in Laval, QC, H7a 4k3)
  128. The Love Bombs (Band in Montreal-Est, QC, h1a 4m1)
  129. Boulevard (Band in Laval, QC, H7A 1B1)
  130. LordBacon (Musician in Terrebonne, QC, J6X 3L5)
  131. jimmy55139 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1A 0A1)
  132. jonathan55327 (Musician in Laval, QC, H7M 4G7)
  133. DV666 (Musician in Saint-Leonard, QC, H1P 1B2)
  134. Sincop8ed Noize (Musician in Saint-Leonard, QC, H1P 2N3)
  135. nicomtldrums (Musician in Montreal-Nord, QC, H1G 5W4)
  136. elio55938 (Musician in Montreal-Nord, QC, h1g 3p2)
  137. Firestorm (Musician in Montreal-Est, QC, H1C 1J7)
  138. debra56133 (Musician in Montreal, QC, J2r 2g1)
  139. quinn56417 (Musician in Mascouche, QC, J7k 3r2)
  140. jm70 (Musician in Repentigny, QC, j6a 5n4)
  141. eli22334 (Musician in Montreal, QC, h1c 2h7)
  142. massimo7426 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1E 6R2)
  143. Nicolas Rivera (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1E 6X9)
  144. 16-40 (Band in Montreal, QC, H1E 2G1)
  145. rubicon (Musician in Laval, QC, h7e 3s3)
  146. Annem (Musician in Laval, QC, h7e 3j6)
  147. dean58058 (Musician in Montreal-Est, QC, H1B 2H1)
  148. samwell (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1G 3T3)
  149. jeremy58204 (Musician in Varennes, QC, J3X 1L9)
  150. blue murder sky (Band in Montreal, QC, h1e 6w8)
  151. Pat P (Musician in Laval, QC, H7M 5C1)
  152. sylvain2015 (Musician in Terrebonne, QC, J6V 1E1)
  153. MasiMatthew (Musician in Laval, QC, H7E 5L9)
  154. LR studio (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1L 2P1)
  155. nemesys (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1L 1M4)
  156. carmela61014 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1c 2j5)
  157. Phil_the_snakeman (Musician in Mascouche, QC, J7K 3C3)
  158. era9bandmontreal (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1E 6B5)
  159. bonne61362 (Musician in Terrebonne, QC, j6w 1j4)
  160. Nico Lelievre (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1A 0A1)
  161. ant61679 (Musician in Montreal, QC, h1c 2e3)
  162. Stephan De Lange (Musician in Saint-Leonard, QC, h1p 2x3)
  163. ARYHELL (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1E 0A1)
  164. Malcomodos (Musician in Repentigny, QC, J5Y 0B8)
  165. Venison (Musician in Laval, QC, H7K 1H6)
  166. douglas62755 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1L 4Y2)
  167. Jaz62814 (Musician in Saint-Leonard, QC, H1P 2X1)
  168. davide62904 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1A 2N3)
  169. mike62983 (Musician in Montreal, QC, J6A 1J4)
  170. jordan63014 (Musician in Pointe-aux-Trembles, QC, H1A 2V9)
  171. tintin (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1K 2S6)
  172. dave63136 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1L 4Y8)
  173. Stephan_De_Lange (Musician in Saint-Leonard, QC, H1P 2X3)
  174. baston (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1A 3T1)
  175. Frederick (Band in Montreal, QC, H1A 5S4)
  176. joseph64060 (Musician in Montreal, QC, h1a 5b1)
  177. Jeff20100 (Musician in Mascouche, QC, J7L 1G7)
  178. Le Berzévore (Band in Mascouche, QC, J7L 2P6)
  179. stellar (Musician in Laval, QC, H7H 3E4)
  180. Leaving Nature (Band in Sainte-Julie, QC, J3E 2M1)
  181. profile64882 (Musician in Pointe-aux-Trembles, QC, H1B 4J3)
  182. Fabrice (Band in Repentigny, QC, J6A 3V3)
  183. daniel65599 (Musician in Saint-Leonard, QC, H1P 3N4)
  184. anthony66090 (Musician in Montreal-Est, QC, H1C 2E3)
  185. Sebe (Band in Joliette, QC, J6E 5E7)
  186. Under Cover (Band in Pointe-aux-Trembles, QC, H1b 1w5)
  187. patrickarcand (Musician in Saint-Hyacinthe, QC, J2T 0A7)
  188. Mechas1969 (Musician in Laval, QC, H7E 2K7)
  189. Maltz (Musician in Pointe-aux-Trembles, QC, H1A 2Y9)
  190. RM80847 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1G 2S5)
  191. Mercury Blast (Band in Saint-Leonard, QC, h1p 1b2)
  192. nick67243 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H0A 1A0)
  193. lew67333 (Musician in Saint-Calixte, QC, J0K 1Z0)
  194. aldo67908 (Musician in Montreal-Nord, QC, H1G 2Y7)
  195. cloud-rabbitslim (Musician in Sorel-Tracy, QC, J3P 1H8)
  196. BobGi86 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1L 5B5)
  197. Nickk90 (Musician in Lavaltrie, QC, j5t 1y1)
  198. Modern Trouble (Band in Saint-Hyacinthe, QC, J2S 5M8)
  199. JSimpMusic85 (Musician in Montreal-Nord, QC, H1G 1S1)
  200. mike68647 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1E 2l1)
  201. yvon68972 (Musician in Montreal-Nord, QC, H1G 3X5)
  202. Richard (Band in L'Assomption, QC, J5W 4R6)
  203. claude69235 (Musician in Lachenaie, QC, J6W 6A8)
  204. Wabbajack49 (Musician in Laval, QC, H7E 4N8)
  205. Carldufault (Musician in Saint-Hyacinthe, QC, J0h 1r0)
  206. Mike_Who (Musician in Terrebonne, QC, J6Y 1B2)
  207. syl-stick (Musician in Laval, QC, H7M 1Z7)
  208. maxime69859 (Musician in Lavaltrie, QC, J5t 1b1)
  209. matt_ (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1E 0A2)
  210. daniel70375 (Musician in Lachenaie, QC, J6W 3R5)
  211. Willthefill97 (Musician in Sainte-Madeleine, QC, J0H 1S0)
  212. Simon16 (Musician in Montreal-Nord, QC, H1G 2P9)
  213. AlesSandro019900 (Musician in Pointe-aux-Trembles, QC, H1B 4A6)
  214. jeff70726 (Musician in Laval, QC, H7E 4C1)
  215. Xmcx123 (Musician in Lachenaie, QC, J6W 6E6)
  216. yves71380 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1A 1L1)
  217. Nicolas_percussions (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1A 5H1)
  218. philippe72270 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1A 5r5)
  219. All-About-Music (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1L 4J2)
  220. Caveman Eltee (Musician in Lanoraie, QC, J0K 1E0)
  221. rave73129 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1A 0A1)
  222. PhilippeBolduc (Musician in Laval, QC, H7H 1L6)
  223. kevin677 (Musician in Laval, QC, H7M 4E9)
  224. kev_007 (Musician in Saint-Charles-Borromee, QC, J6E 2A3)
  225. Peace Spirits (Band in Mascouche, QC, J7L 3B2)
  226. J3RK79 (Musician in Sainte-Madeleine, QC, J0H 1S0)
  227. Clanrion (Musician in Anjou, QC, H1K 4C8)
  228. alain74395 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1l 2t8)
  229. Martin (Sound engineer in Sorel-Tracy, QC, J3R 5H5)
  230. Heightsoflove (Band in Anjou, QC, H1K 2B8)
  231. sylvain75164 (Musician in Saint-Amable, QC, J0L 1N0)
  232. ronald75445 (Musician in L'Assomption, QC, J5w 0e8)
  233. Wicked Tone (Musician in Joliette, QC, J6E 7M6)
  234. kimxe (Musician in Repentigny, QC, J5Y 1X5)
  235. GeeBee (Musician in Varennes, QC, J3X 1X3)
  236. magoui (Musician in Laval, QC, h7k 2m8)
  237. hedge76521 (Musician in Rawdon, QC, j0k 1s0)
  238. samuel76843 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1L 4K9)
  239. max76973 (Musician in Pointe-aux-Trembles, QC, H1A 5S9)
  240. Olivier (Band in L'Assomption, QC, J5W 1B9)
  241. SantaRosa (Band in Montreal, QC, H1E 2X5)
  242. rickyBoy58 (Musician in Laval, QC, H7A 1M4)
  243. stefano77346 (Musician in Laval, QC, H7E 4B5)
  244. luigi77638 (Musician in Saint-Leonard, QC, H1P 2W9)
  245. profile77890 (Musician in Pointe-aux-Trembles, QC, H1A 3L5)
  246. GUITARFREAK (Musician in Montreal, QC, H7B 1A1)
  247. PhilDrums (Musician in Montreal, QC, J3E 2E6)
  248. Night-Riot (Musician in Terrebonne, QC, J6W 5R8)
  249. 4pie (Musician in Terrebonne, QC, J7M 0E8)
  250. michel78594 (Musician in Montreal-Est, QC, H1B 5E6)
  251. pascal78837 (Musician in Terrebonne, QC, J6X 3P9)
  252. samnhueston (Musician in Laval, QC, H7K 3H1)
  253. kat79215 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1A 0A1)
  254. Jikky (Musician in Louiseville, QC, J5V 1b9)
  255. Marty Bo (Musician in Terrebonne, QC, J6W 6A2)
  256. dandrums (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1A 2W2)
  257. alexandre79997 (Musician in Le Gardeur, QC, J5z 4e8)
  258. Johnser (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1p 2j5)
  259. vincent80273 (Musician in Laval, QC, H7A 4E6)
  260. nickriveramusic (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1E 6X9)
  261. Nick-Rivera (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1E 6X9)
  262. luca81184 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1E 2E6)
  263. Collin Stanton (Musician in Montreal-Nord, QC, H1G 6H5)
  264. djoule81236 (Musician in Saint-Hyacinthe, QC, J2S 4B4)
  265. Queen Buffalo (Band in Laval, QC, H7E 3N6)
  266. Zack (Band in Lachenaie, QC, J6V 1N7)
  267. hector81487 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1B 4J9)
  268. chigozie81644 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1A 0A1)
  269. alain81669 (Musician in Montreal-Est, QC, H1B 1K1)
  270. 1eanda (Musician in Repentigny, QC, J5Y 3V3)
  271. henri82056 (Musician in Sainte-Julie, QC, J3E 1B5)
  272. peterm69 (Musician in Sainte-Julie, QC, J3E 1N1)
  273. tristan82148 (Musician in Terrebonne, QC, J6X 2G4)
  274. boub229 (Musician in Terrebonne, QC, J6X 3X9)
  275. freddyfufu (Musician in L'Assomption, QC, J5W 3N2)
  276. nick82300 (Musician in Montreal, QC, J8G 1C0)
  277. John cena wwe superslam (Musician in Saint-Sulpice, QC, J5W 4G7)
  278. Xavier (Band in Sainte-Julie, QC, J3E 3L2)
  279. profile82647 (Musician in Le Gardeur, QC, J5Z 1L9)
  280. LaetitiaNothingElse (Musician in Montreal, QC, H7a 2z4)
  281. Grassss (Musician in Saint-Sulpice, QC, J5W 4C5)
  282. josee83399 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1L 3E5)
  283. Eric117 (Musician in Laval, QC, H7A 1Y4)
  284. simon_rooy (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1L 4Z6)
  285. Marie-claude (Band in Lavaltrie, QC, J5T 4C6)
  286. RichSykes (Musician in Joliette, QC, J6E 7B7)
  287. Cent (Photographer in Rawdon, QC, J0K 1S0)
  288. marc83840 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1A 0A1)
  289. mede1331 (Musician in Le Gardeur, QC, J5Z 4M1)
  290. norman84192 (Musician in Varennes, QC, J3X 1W7)
  291. FamousD (Musician in Sainte-Julie, QC, J3E 1J8)
  292. Joey2525 (Musician in Anjou, QC, H1J 1V6)
  293. jean-francois84398 (Musician in Terrebonne, QC, J6X 1H5)
  294. HB_Ibanez (Musician in Terrebonne, QC, J6W 2E6)
  295. peter84530 (Musician in Montreal-Est, QC, H1C 0A5)
  296. bellaoaks (Musician in Repentigny, QC, J5Y 0G6)
  297. kosta85096 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1C 2H7)
  298. Jiikky (Musician in Louiseville, QC, J5V 2B9)
  299. juliano85203 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1E 6W4)
  300. mussaLuz10 (Musician in Saint-Hyacinthe, QC, J2S 5N1)
  301. David (Band in Pointe-aux-Trembles, QC, H1B 4M5)
  302. Thomas Resurrection (Musician in Gatineau, QC, J5V 1Y1)
  303. RO.QUE. Vocalist (Band in Montreal-Est, QC, H1G 3P3)
  304. Blues Guitarist for Hire (Musician in Laval, QC, H7E 3N4)
  305. mathis86413 (Musician in Mascouche, QC, J7K 3L3)
  306. kev86439 (Musician in Terrebonne, QC, j6w 1l4)
  307. xavier86486 (Musician in Terrebonne, QC, J6W 2N8)
  308. AlexBertrandguitar (Musician in Saint-Alexis-de-Montcalm, QC, J0k 1t0)
  309. mathieu86691 (Musician in Saint-Hyacinthe, QC, J2r 1c7)
  310. Finger her (Musician in Saint-Leon, QC, J0K 2W0)
  311. richard87042 (Musician in Montreal-Est, QC, H1E 2S4)
  312. Adewale (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1A 0A1)
  313. pascal87058 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1C 1J6)
  314. reinaldo87105 (Musician in Joliette, QC, J6E 2J7)
  315. danny87178 (Musician in Mascouche, QC, J7L 3b8)
  316. syl20dou (Musician in Lachenaie, QC, J6W 5P7)
  317. nicolas87298 (Musician in Repentigny, QC, J6A 6Z9)
  318. romuald87352 (Musician in Louiseville, QC, J5V 1K9)
  319. Leovins jr (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1L 1B6)
  320. gilles87535 (Musician in Repentigny, QC, J6A 4J3)
  321. steven87647 (Musician in Terrebonne, QC, J6X 4V7)
  322. AlexHaerinck (Musician in Sorel-Tracy, QC, J3p 2n2)
  323. frederic87978 (Musician in Terrebonne, QC, J6W 1L9)
  324. Frank88203 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1L 3S3)
  325. YoyoElm (Musician in Varennes, QC, j3x 1m6)
  326. matts0214 (Musician in Laval, QC, H7E 3W5)
  327. mi88480 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1A 0A5)
  328. The Skyward Eyes (Band in Montreal, QC, h1e 2e5)
  329. Vincent (Band in Laval, QC, H7e 3h7)
  330. shayne89091 (Musician in Saint-Hyacinthe, QC, J2S 4E3)
  331. booguy13 (Musician in Repentigny, QC, J6A 7A8)
  332. melodie89254 (Musician in Saint-Hyacinthe, QC, J2s 5s1)
  333. Dvglant (Musician in Montreal-Nord, QC, H1G 3A3)
  334. Rottencatin (Musician in Laval, QC, H7E 2T8)
  335. Carl_ (Musician in Saint-Hyacinthe, QC, J0H 1B0)
  336. UnsafestSea63 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1C 2A6)
  337. phil89740 (Musician in Montreal, QC, J7k 0J2)
  338. xavier89810 (Musician in Laval, QC, H7K 3B7)
  339. profile89895 (Musician in Mascouche, QC, J7K 4E6)
  340. martin89914 (Musician in Terrebonne, QC, J6W 1N8)
  341. No name (Band in Charlemagne, QC, J5Z 1A6)
  342. LoicEden (Musician in Varennes, QC, J3X 1Z8)
  343. Xeneonn (Musician in Terrebonne, QC, J6X 4P6)
  344. haddadi90234 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1L 4X8)
  345. L4Z3RB0Y (Musician in Saint-Hyacinthe, QC, J2S 2G3)
  346. Martin bass addict (Musician in Mascouche, QC, J7K 0A1)
  347. Pascal Cote (Band in Montreal, QC, H1L 6P7)
  348. frank90783 (Musician in Laval, QC, H7E 1B2)
  349. roberto91205 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1E 6W2)
  350. luigi91240 (Musician in Laval, QC, H7M 5P4)
  351. patrick91267 (Musician in Saint-Hyacinthe, QC, J2S 3P9)
  352. Lowgan (Musician in Laval, QC, H7a 3s9)
  353. john91303 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1A 0A1)
  354. Pierrick584 (Musician in Laval, QC, H7B 1C4)
  355. tom91758 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1g 4b5)
  356. thomas91911 (Musician in Laval, QC, H7e 3h3)
  357. matthieu91926 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1e 1w4)
  358. nino92014 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1E 1Y7)
  359. Lead and Rythm Guitarist (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1A 0A1)
  360. normand92053 (Musician in Repentigny, QC, J6A 5W1)
  361. andy92065 (Musician in Montreal-Nord, QC, H1g 3v9)
  362. renaud92088 (Musician in Crabtree, QC, J0K 1B0)
  363. gwet92114 (Musician in Montreal-Est, QC, H1l 5p2)
  364. felix92152 (Musician in Drummondville, QC, J0L 1N0)
  365. Smile97 (Musician in Terrebonne, QC, J6X 4B3)
  366. bassel92535 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H7B 1A1)
  367. rafmjr (Musician in Laval, QC, H7A 3T1)
  368. Over The Edge Band (Band in Lavaltrie, QC, j5t 3p8)
  369. simon92786 (Musician in Terrebonne, QC, J6Y 1M9)
  370. guillaume92893 (Musician in Mascouche, QC, J7L 3T8)
  371. nicolas19946 (Musician in Laval, QC, H7K 1T3)
  372. Vitten Enji (Musician in Saint-Hyacinthe, QC, J2r 1n1)
  373. sylvain93257 (Musician in Repentigny, QC, J6A 8A2)
  374. Come as you are (Musician in Contrecoeur, QC, J0L 1C0)
  375. paul93360 (Musician in Lachute, QC, J6Y 1R5)
  376. npl (Musician in Laval, QC, H7K 1L3)
  377. arthur94 (Musician in Sorel-Tracy, QC, J3P 5A5)
  378. fds93595 (Band in Laval, QC, H7H 1V8)
  379. Karnage (Band in Lachenaie, QC, J6V 1R8)
  380. Tristan40848 (Musician in Lachenaie, QC, J6V 1p2)
  381. Unspecified (Band in Laval, QC, H7H 1C2)
  382. william94200 (Musician in Sainte-Anne-de-Sorel, QC, J3p 5n3)
  383. LoickF (Musician in Mascouche, QC, J7K 0A1)
  384. Arman (Band in Montreal, QC, h1a 4m1)
  385. john94336 (Musician in Montreal-Nord, QC, H1G 2A5)
  386. TheSingerLory (Musician in Laval, QC, H7K 2X5)
  387. joseph94522 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1A 5B1)
  388. maxim94619 (Musician in Saint-Roch-de-l'Achigan, QC, j0k 3h0)
  389. Jp (Band in Sorel-Tracy, QC, J3p 1s7)
  390. spanky1740 (Musician in Laval, QC, H7M 4J4)
  391. pierre94827 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1L 4A2)
  392. PhilER (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1B 4S3)
  393. julien94946 (Musician in Repentigny, QC, J6A 6T5)
  394. kephy95453 (Musician in Montreal-Nord, QC, H1G 6C5)
  395. Ark of Fire (Band in Laval, QC, H7A 4A4)
  396. BBIGSMOKEE (Musician in Anjou, QC, H1k 3v3)
  397. Porthos71 (Musician in Anjou, QC, H1k 1j8)
  398. benoit95841 (Musician in Le Gardeur, QC, J5Z 4L1)
  399. JayPidge (Musician in Repentigny, QC, J6A 5L8)
  400. Db. (Band in Lachenaie, QC, J6W 4G6)
  401. bernard95971 (Musician in Saint-Liboire, QC, J0H 1R0)
  402. PKF (Musician in Anjou, QC, H1K 3G7)
  403. OneSwingLover (Musician in Repentigny, QC, J6A 2S6)
  404. natan96254 (Musician in Sorel-Tracy, QC, J3p 2s1)
  405. émilie (Band in Contrecoeur, QC, J0L 1C0)
  406. gian-marco_mancini (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1E 6W8)
  407. arielle96565 (Musician in Sainte-Julie, QC, J3E 2L9)
  408. Gerard69 (Musician in Terrebonne, QC, J6y 1g4)
  409. giovanni97412 (Musician in Montreal-Nord, QC, h1g 5j2)
  410. DenysStrat (Musician in Lavaltrie, QC, J5T 2A5)
  411. Tilou2004 (Musician in Le Gardeur, QC, J5z 4n2)
  412. rick97461 (Musician in Laval, QC, H7E 5k6)
  413. luckysteven (Musician in Mascouche, QC, J7L 1C1)
  414. brisebois97919 (Musician in Rawdon, QC, J0K 1S0)
  415. Patrick Bouffard (Musician in Rawdon, QC, J0K 1S0)
  416. gilles97973 (Musician in Sainte-Julie, QC, j3e 1c3)
  417. dominic98336 (Musician in Le Gardeur, QC, J5z 1l4)
  418. gianfranco98469 (Musician in Laval, QC, H7K 3X3)
  419. daniel98707 (Musician in Montreal-Nord, QC, H1G 3L5)
  420. IONiC (Musician in Laval, QC, H7A 3Y4)
  421. felix99087 (Musician in Sainte-Julie, QC, J3E 1V6)
  422. profile99117 (Musician in Sainte-Elisabeth, QC, J0K 2J0)
  423. Vieuxcaliss (Musician in L'Assomption, QC, J5W 3S1)
  424. Dino Paradiso (Musician in Montreal, QC, H7E 1Y6)
  425. luca99527 (Musician in Laval, QC, H7E 5L4)
  426. marc99771 (Musician in L'Assomption, QC, J5W 6C4)
  427. Chivy music (Musician in Laval, QC, H7E 4P9)
  428. Soyboy (Musician in Montreal, QC, J6E 8W7)
  429. johns100103 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1A 2J8)
  430. Marin2929 (Musician in Mascouche, QC, J7L 1S6)
  431. quentin100299 (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1K 2E3)
  432. Martin Pelletier (Musician in Saint-Louis, QC, J0G 1K0)
  433. bubblymymy (Musician in Laval, QC, H7E 4A2)
  434. Gwantwan (Musician in Montreal, QC, H1l 5y4)