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I am a poet/composer and bass singer. I am mostly interested in connecting with people who would like to assist me in performing my works. Most of them are for mixed choir with piano, some of them for a smaller ensemble of performers.

The style is my own, and it is mostly inspired by the classics, with some serious influence of folk music.

Most of my songs are about lessons we can learn from our cultural heritage. I like to take an old simple folksong and turn into into a little symphonic work for multiple voices, expanding the music to the potential I can hear, and developing the lyrics to make a strong point for a modern listener. I am sick and tired of modern "la-la music" with no serious message in the lyrics and no respect for musical variety. A piece of music is supposed to represent a journey that leads the listener from one mental state to another.

I am looking for input/criticism for my own works, and for possibilities for having them performed. I am, of course, also interested in reciprocating this to others.

And I would like to find some fellow musicians to have a good time with, not necessarily aiming at public performances, but mostly at having a good time together with music. I love to be with creative people.

I must also say that I am not fond of standard commercialized pop music, but I can and will tolerate some of it, as required.

My personal skills are very rusty, both as a singer and as a piano player, but I need opportunities to use them in order to do much about that.

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Most classical composers have been important to me. To some degree also German, Russian, and Danish folk music.


Connect with me through the domain - same account name as here. I am sure that you can figure putting them in the right sequence and inserting the weird a in-between those... and if not, then just forget it.