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MBS Productions specializes in mixing, remixing, and mastering tracked recordings that were not recorded or mixed to the songs full potential of quality. MBS Productions has over 10 years of experience in the music industry and strives to give clients the best quality of audio possible with a budget artists can afford. The goal is to give creative minds a path in the tough business of the music industry that we live in today. The Company has mixed 100’s of tracks that have been recorded in the most unideal situations, i.e. bedroom, basement, cheap mics/interface etc., with the final product resulting to ideal for radio play.


- Edits to BPM without taking away from the musicians playing style
- Auto-tune service to tighten the vocal performance without sounding robotic
- Mixing with trained direction using top plugins (from Waves, State Digital, UAD, etc.) in Pro Tools or Cubase DAW
- Mastering with the latest and greatest Izotope Ozone 6 - to finalize the song and create a loudness to today’s standards or musical taste

NEW Services

Do you have a recorded acoustic track with vocals that want extra instruments added? Are you looking for drums, bass, electric guitars, piano etc. to add to your next hit? MBS Productions now offers this service.
For service pricing, additional information, and to hear some productions email MBS Productions today.


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