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Moved here from the West Coast. Thought I was going to retire... Moving was a perfect break away from the scene. Who was I bullsh*ttin'? It's my souls release and just can't (happily anyway) live without it. I love to play. I dont drink or do drugs. Im to antiproductive if I do. Rather talk for hours and forget to play. Absolutely do not care of other people do or not although if I never had another coke fiend in a band with me I'd feel pretty lucky. I have kids now so that part of my personality just faded away and I didnt miss it at all and next thing I knew I hadnt drank more than a couple beer in over a year. With the kids some may think I cant be as comitted... That may be true for some but I have a great woman who covers for me when I cant be there and probably should. She likes to see my music succeed because Im a better happier more productive person when that part of my life is fulfilled. I will gig as often as they will let us on the stage. Touring is not out of the question but more difficult now I recognize that. I find three week mini tours keep the inner tour demons at bay without destrying the family but as I said my main focus is live. Jam nights, open mics, opening act and of course payed gigs are all fine with me as long as the crowds are there and the soundguy knows what hes doing I could play at the same place 6 nights a week and be happy and content with that also. I have extensive engineering practice self taught and taught to me by a juno award winning engineer and producer Jeff Long who happened to be our producer when we were in the early stages with Columbia before Universal bought them and axed the last 500 bands on the roster which we were about 478. i built a professional studio and Jeff kept us under his wing starting his own label and doing work with Universal East based out of Eastern Europe but after the lay off I never really recovered and took off to Asia for a few months to do some writing and clear my my fractured ego and confidence. I accidently started a seven piece acoustic band with Taiwans classical guitar representitive and his bros when I discovered his guitar shop and relished in Fenders, Martins, Gibsons and other high grade instruments almost non existant in asian music stores becuase of the humidity that would destroy the guitars in less than a season. His shop however was a four story 5000 square foot humidor capable of keeping these awesome guitars in the perfect enviroment. I never made it back home for a little over five years. Playing 4 nights a week in large clubs. Opening for the Beastie Boys and large and very successfull Chinese and Asian acts and a few university tours a year kept me from returning home to my band. They were less than impressed and disbanded without my knowkedge of it and honestly didnt really care. It was the redemption I needed to feel confident in my writing again and forge forward. I moved home and begged the boys back in my very dusty musty studio and within a couple months and several hundred phone calls to our old contacts we were playing once or twice a month but it was never really the same and they slipped away one at a time... Me included. Perfect time to retire and here I am. Bangin on doors again beggin for some more rejection from the industry so I can hear a room full of people cheering for us to make their night memorable.

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Everthing I couproblem for myself (I buy and sell gear and guitars) and gear to contribute to the cause plus a really nice portable recording set up as I sold off my studio piece by piece when I moved here last year. I can make 7/10 quality recordings with this set up. Good enough for any radio station or demo we could possibly need. Just need a drum mic set up as ive been using drum machines this last year. Thats no problem.