I Anthem


Steel guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Other Percussion, Lead Guitar, Drums, Acoustic Guitar.


(If interested, contact amadeosound@ .com )

I Anthem is a Theatrical Music project. Basically, it means that, as well as being a band in itself, I Anthem aims to work on visual and theatrical aspects. Our main goal is to look original, create music that evokes emotions; a sound that speaks in itself... Musically speaking, I Anthem aims to get rid of limits. We don't want to stick to a single sonority; so while a song could be acoustic with violins and other synthetic instruments, another song might as well be purely agressive heavy metal. I Anthem wants to have a mix between all or most genres.

Note that, while suggestions are always welcome, I wish to keep the main artistic direction of the band. (Music and lyrics)

PS: We're all experienced musicians but we have yet to start really playing together. We already have a couple' songs and are only waiting for our 2 missing musicians to seriously start working our way up.
You can still get an idea of what I can do by visiting http://www.myspace.com/projectversus
(Band in which I write the vocals and the lyrics)
However, keep in mind that I Anthem and Project Versus are totally unrelated and do not sound the same at all.


Our main objectives at the moment are to practice and record songs, get one or 2 sets of costumes for photoshoots and video clips and then start advertising through internet. Live performances are only a second priority for now; BUT I really want to play at Otakuthon 2009.
Be prepared for a lot of eccentricities if you are to join this formation!

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I Anthem
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Jun 29 2008
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Very Committed
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35 years


I believe we are influenced by everything surrounding us; so I can even say I am influenced by what I hate... but I understand this is not the expected answer. I would say I Anthem's main influences are:

Moi dix Mois
Malice Mizer
D (Look for Asagi if curious)
With a bit of Dir en Grey and Cirque du Soleil sound here and there ;)

Members Of Band

Vocals: I Anthem
Guitar 1: (Amir)
Guitar 2: -pending-
Bass: Vicis
Keyboards: Daïmon
Drums: -pending-