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I have been a lead vocalist for over 30 yrs. I believe harmony/background vocals totally fill and add flavor, like a specific spice you might need when cooking a special meal and with that special added spice, THAT is when the yummy comes out from the tummy for the band as we watch the listeners become the dancers because being a lead vocalist requires not only singing it's the PERFORMANCE the fans tend to get into. The whole band switching off, song after song for at least 5-6 in a row, so by that time the ones dancing get real thirsty and played out joyfully naturally, this gives the members at that time to tune up their instruments, have a sip of waters or whatever to keep hydrated so as to get ready after the lead singer has entertained with some jokes or like I like to do which is go into the audience while the mini break is going onstage after the first string of songs to ask a table or group of people that I go up to to find out how they are enjoying the show and if they have any requests. I am very artsy, dramatic in movement when expressing myself like while playing, I like to run onto the dance floor, over to tables, jump up right on the bar and chairs and feel every piece of the song that is flowing out and most of the times, I make most of the words up and its alot of improve, but I was scouted out to go to University for performing arts, and I studied acting and psychology. It would be extraordinary to find other musicians that would like to play up to date music, mixed together, parts of songs intertwined with some choreography. Lots of lights, great sound, everyone is able to sing in the band making this band different than everything and everyone I have ever played with from 7 piece bands to duo's on or off tour. Opened for Trooper, TOTO, April Wine, Luba and a few others. Above I mentioned being scouted out to go to University after the scouts saw me perform and won for the province. I was also scouted out two more times, once when I was around 21 or so and I had two gentlemen come up to me during our break and offer to fly me out and record in same studio as Donnie and Marie Osmond, and I thought they were pretending to be such a thing, however, it turned out to be very true. The problem here was they as well as when I got scouted again when I was 31 with a different band, both times I was scouted, they didn't want the band and I felt I should stay loyal to the bands, and well, looking back now, I missed out on my dream which was a reality, but just not at the level I could have taken it to if I would have only thought of myself, but, I am not that way. I don't regret, I just think "why not now?" Age should not be a factor!!! I love to smile and laugh all the time any chance I see that makes the happy endorphins move. Music is so POWERFUL, and my passion for it runs deep. I would much rather concentrate on my vocals more than having to carry the show with taking care of all the entertaining and performing. I think the band would kick wiggles if it sounded like a big band orchestra type shade, all singers, playing different instruments and most of all growing as a family. In this type of band I am speaking of with it being fresh in songs and choreography etc..I would think play about s10 times in the year for big events, or, finally make my dream become my reality that I missed out on...did I forget to tell you that I was a single mom and my son sings and plays guitar now and writes his own music and its very good for a young man. I believe I need to be with my people/musicians/ and honestely, music, singing, creating, role change, fab outfits or raw, depends I guess...but that is me...izzy adams (stage name) with a smile. and a

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My family growing up all were singers/performers on both sides. My grandmother sang on the radio in her day and my whole family plays and have at one point in their life, played, some more than others, but at every party at the summer crystal beach with a little piece of broken off branch from the ground being used as a microphone for myself at age 4, I would sing every song our family was listening too. They were really into Country back then, so I ended up singing alot of Conway twitty, patsy cline, tammy wynette, lynn anderson, etc...then ROCK came into my life at 15, just jammin with a guitar I had bought from a store, like a totally regular store, like walmart or something lol, not making fun of Walmart, just thinking back now on why didn't I go to a store where they sell actual guitars? I am self taught. Influences, hmmm, nothing I can think of because I am music. That is how I feel. I love it so much and its the only way I can really let go and when I LET GO so does the audience. I feel when I sing, its always the last time I am going to be up there so I make sure to be point on and enjoy every single minute.

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I own a capo and gorgeous padded pink guitar strap, however over the yrs, I have owned and sold 6 guitars. Presently, none and its weird not having one cause I get inspired and want to write and the tune is in my head, i no longer have it beside my bed where I used to keep them cause for some reason in the night after I fall asleep I used to always wake up with lyrics and a tune and my paper and pencil/guitar was already for me even if it was one line of a verse, chorus, bridge, whatever. Now, I am starting to listen to what is up to date and what great classics (just a few) to add to my youtube list. I get to at least practice my vocals daily, and I would like to add before I end that see there is anyone looking for a female bandmate.....HERE I AM...I am ready to move anywhere if the opportunity is right.