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We are a two-piece band in the Guelph area, and we are looking to make a four-piece. One of us plays Bass/Vocals, the other plays Rhythm Guitar/Vocals. We are capable of playing drums and piano as well. We are looking for a lead guitar player, and a tasteful hard edged vocalist at the moment. Y'know someone who can sing well, but can also let out a primal howl when needs be. Voices that come to mind are Nick Oliveri, Scott Wino Weinrich, John Garcia, Cornell, and Jules butt logan surfer man jones. If we don't find the right vocal talent, then we will just do it all ourselves, but sh*t dude don't leave me hanging like that. I know you're out there somewhere, now get in this band you son of a bitch! Let's go!

We know this is a lot of bands to throw at you, but nonetheless we found it important to do so, the reason being that we want our band to be versatile and cover a lot of ground. That is not to say that we want our music to be utterly chaotic; we want to have some focus as well. Basically, we want to music that goes heavy, then soft, fast, then slow, and in between.
We can talk about it further in person.

We've written about 20 songs that we find suitable for an album already, and we are going into the studio soon to record a double album. We're looking for someone who is dedicated and willing to make a strong commitment. To that effect, we don't want to deal with substance abuse problems. Moderation is all well and good - everything in it's right place - but we don't to watch you pass out in a pool of your own vomit.... until we hit the big time (that is a joke... or is it?). Not hitting the big time though, because we're out to be one the best bands of all time. That is not a joke. So yeah, if that is your dream as well, and you're serious about it come on, let's have it mate.

Rehearsal would mostly be taking place in the evenings, this is temporary as eventually, we would step up the practices/gigging.

If after all of that you are still interested, let us know. Cheers!

P.s. If you are easily offended/don't like off colour humour, and often find yourself policing other people's language/thoughts this probably isn't the band for you. I don't want to join your silly movement.

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Gabriel Stringer
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Our influences include, but are not limited to: Queens Of The Stone age, The Smiths, Black Sabbath, Neurosis, The Beatles, Debussy, Pixies, Enslaved, David Bowie ( Hunky Dory - Aladdin Sane), Kyuss, Frank Zappa, Alice In Chains, John Frusciante, Saint Vitus, Hank Williams, Ramones, The Band.
Megadeth (Killing is My Business - Rust In Peace), Mastodon (Remission - Crack The Skye), Rush, Mr Bungle, The Doors, Iron Maiden (Paul Di'anno Stuff), King Crimson, Metallica (Kill Em All-Master Of Puppets), Early Motorhead, Queen, Radiohead (Ok Computer Onwards), Smashing Pumpkins (Siamese Dream, Collie), Thin Lizzy, Beach Boys, Nirvana, Burzum, Bathory, Pentagram, Patsy Cline, Motley Crue, Oasis (Definitely and Morning glory), Saxon, Dokken, The Police (D'Amour To Zenyatta Mondatta), Duran Duran (Rio Album Specifically), Hanoi Rocks, Debussy

Members Of Band
Ryan Knowles:Bass Guitar/Vocals (Piano if needed

Gabriel Stringer:Rhythm Guitar/Vocals/ (Piano/Drums if needed, Drums are actually best instrument)


Custom guitar, Custom 6 string bass, Michael Kelly 5 String Acoustic Bass, Epiphone Casino, Mexican Fender Strat, Epiphone SG, Taye Drumset, Hi Hats, 2 Crashs, 1 Ride, 4 Toms, 1 Snare, 1 Bass Drum, Quality Electric Piano, Fender Mustang III Amp, Orange Crush 25 Bass Amp. We are looking to upgrade our amps in the near future. We have basic recording equipment as well.