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I'm a vocalist/lyricist with a very uncommon bass voice. I do punk, rock, blues, and weird/spooky vocals best. Sometimes I'll do more grunge, ska, or "alternative" stuff, and very rarely bluegrass, country or folk, but... never pop, indie or anything soft. I'm not really into most modern metal vocal styles (atonal screaming or chesty yelling), it's cool but it's not my bag.

I practice vocals at least a few hours daily. I train hard. I dig challenges, and I'm willing to attempt vocals considered extremely difficult or risky because I'm willing to do what's necessary to support a fairly extreme use of my voice. I like to use my upper register for very high notes, screams, and bluesy wailing as often as I can get away with. I also like subharmonics, fry, octave jumps and complex melodies. I do have a roughly 5 octave range, but I'm still a bass, so my strengths are in my lows with most stuff over middle C being upper register for me... and there isn't much written for bass voices that goes as hard as I wanna go. So I love making original music. Playing nice generic covers is the one thing I really cannot do... but if you like what I can do, you will have a very hard time finding someone else to sing it like I can.

I'm always learning, and I work actively to refine and expand what I can do. I love feedback, I take constructive criticism well, and I put the music first. If you hate something I'm doing, you can tell me to my face, and I'll be grateful you did so I can work on it!

I really, REALLY love guitar solos. I go out of my way to play with guitarists who solo comfortably off the cuff, and I will structure whole songs and form entire projects around someone like that. Nothing on the planet brings the best out of me quite like a screaming guitar solo from someone who really loves their guitar, and I want that energy in everything. I write with that in mind.

I do play some bass. I write a lot of bass lines for my band and it's my main instrument. I can hold down bass in a jam, but I don't consider myself good enough to be a Bassist. I can't play and sing at the same time, my ability to read tabs is clumsy at best, and vocals are what I want to be doing. I do love bass though, and I improvise well.

I'm mostly into music that can only be made by a group of dedicated people playing together, so my main focus is on committed band projects. I go really hard, pretty much 24/7, and I'm always looking to meet other people who go that hard. Loads of people say music is their life, but I'm dead serious. I live for this. I don't do much else. I don't have much else. This isn't a hobby or even a job/career for me. This is what I love. I'm happiest when I'm working my ass off for a worthy band full of people I respect, making music we're proud of, and there's nothing more important to me.

I do some recording, and some mixing/mastering. I'm no expert, but I do alright and I'm always learning. My apartment is a studio/jam space with a modified low-volume acoustic kit and enough room for a full band to practice or record demos comfortably. I love analog hardware, and I have a lot of weird (and/or vintage) recording gear. The only thing I can't track in here is full-volume acoustic drums, but there's always somewhere else for that. I love recording and I produce demos for other musicians in my area. If you can't afford studio time, can't record yourself at home, and you want to get something out there, feel free to reach out! If I like what you're doing and I have the time, I'll record you for free or trade.

I value integrity, quality, and emotional authenticity. I like things raw, honest, and practical. I don't personally use autotune or pitch correction, and I never will. I'm very dedicated, and I would rather do whatever is needed on my end to get performances that don't need fixing. So if something can be done without a digital sim plugin, without in-ears, without walls between me and my bandmates... that's how I'll choose to do it, and I'll make sure it sounds great.

I write most of my lyrics from personal experience. I'm not shy to work with dark, real, sensitive or explicit content. I say what I mean, and that applies to everything I do. A lot of my lyrics have real stories behind them, and my life has not always been easy... It tends to come out in the music. I'm still pretty diverse with what I write, but if you want nice chill pop songs about love and happy days, I'm probably not your guy. I mainly write words that hurt.

I used to be a professional illustrator, and I can design things like album art, logos, t-shirts, and other merch. I often choose to do that stuff for projects I'm involved in, because I can get professional results for free and save everyone the cost and trouble of sourcing art.

I'm currently in the process of getting a serious, dedicated band off the ground. We have everyone we need at the moment, and it's going very well, so I'm pretty busy. But I'm still down to collaborate on side projects whenever I have time! Reach out if you have something in mind, or even if you just want to connect. I'm always happy to meet more dedicated musicians.

You can reach me here or at 226-868-0228 any time, day or night. I mean that. If you love this like I do, I wanna hear from you.

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Guns N Roses
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Led Zeppelin
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Ozzy Osbourne
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Johnny Cash
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Shure Beta58A and YXL10P monitor (live rig), SM57 (main recording mic), SM58, custom carbon mic, active ribbon mic, various condenser mics, various vintage mics...
Steinberg UR12 (interface), ART DPSii (preamp), Symetrix 425 (expander/compressor/limiter), DBX 231 (EQ), and various other mixers, rack gear/signal chain stuff...

A nice 4-string 30" Stingray, a modified "low baritone" guitar, a modified "zero octave bass", a SansAmp, a variety of other basses, guitars, amps, pedals, drums, an Otamatone, and other instruments...

Contact sound instruments, frankensteined radios, vintage tape decks, a 4-track Tascam tape recorder, circuit-bent toys, etc...

If you wanna record punk stuff or very weird shit, I got ya covered.