Classic Rockers

Summer of 69

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    Grant Abbott - Vocals
    Michael Segal - Guitars and Bass
    Neil Ledger - Drums

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Keyboard, Piano.


Seeking contributors of all types and experience.

COVID sure has placed a sour note in how musicians get together. ¯\_(•_•)_/¯
People are realizing that they-too can record at home with decent quality. - After all, many of your favorite musicians since the 60’s have recorded awesome tunes on lesser quality equipment than you have in your hand or on your desk.
If you are new to home recording, don't be worried. Recording your track is the easy part. We will handle the setup, the mixing and the mastering. We will give you some simple advice to point you in the right direction and you will be cutting tracks in no time flat.
Technology brings us together by enabling remote tracking and collaboration for those who believe in no bounds.
Physical location is not a limitation for you to consider responding to our invite. You will get full credit on any recording you participate in.
The project is not built around the conventional bar band, though we plan to preform live again when the time comes. In the meantime, we can bring the community together through music and creation.
If you are the type of person that wishes to contribute on a regular basis, we would consider you to be a core member.

We are seeking Musicians that love the Masters of Rock to take on a sense of ownership, curating direction, recording tracks and having interest in seeing the project move forward.
Writing originals is fair game and of interest to the project, but niche song-market is Classic Rock from 60's to early 80's.
Again, there are no limitations. There are great songs from all eras and genres. We play what we enjoy and what sounds good. Any reinterpretations are welcomed.
To keep productive and dynamic, we are not restricted to a specific number of core members. We could easily have duplicate lead guitars, singers or even drummers without taking away from their importance or credit.
The community is invited to contribute their tracks on a rotating basis, limited only by their own cycles. Not everybody has time to commit to projects on and ongoing basis, but many dream to be part of a professional sounding recording along with other articulate musicians.
The community may consist of virtuoso’s making guest appearances, children singing “Let it Go” on karaoke, novice musicians along with the more astute, or even unconventional instruments/instrumentation.
Some people may only want to record one song to satisfy a whim, while others may want to stoke the beginning of a new career with repeat sessions.
Who are you?
Who, who, who, who?
No matter what type of contribution you would like to make, please reach out for more information and insight.

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