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I’m a musician who hasn’t played on stage or with a band in several years, but currently looking to get back into playing music again regularly. I have played all the main band instruments like piano/keyboards, drums, guitar, and bass in different band or stage settings at one point or another, but the majority was drums and bass. I love the low end and percussiveness of the bass guitar when playing heavy, or hard, or just rocking music and if I had to choose I’d say playing bass is my preference. Also, I am most comfortable and confident with the bass, and with my ability to learn covers or original music parts for bass fairly quickly. I have a good ear for pitch and a great sense of rhythm, and I also love creating music. I often just jam shorter parts or write multiple riffs, and sometimes entire songs, so I would like to contribute to the writing process if needed…when it comes to musicians that I might end up playing with. But regarding cover songs, that’s also something that can do fairly quickly because of being able to read music and having near perfect pitch for learning by ear when it’s needed. I studied music in university, where I got a couple years of classical guitar training, which I couldn’t finish due to breaking my hand, but eventually I healed up and the skills from classical guitar playing ended up sticking with me or at least enough to have improved my electric guitar playing…but more noticeable was my bass playing which had also improved. I also sang in the university choir which was a requirement course anyway, but I learned how to sing harmony and with a big group; and that could be useful for backup vocals on occassional songs or whatever. I can sing in tune, but I definitely don’t sing lead vocals or hard rock type vocals at all..,but I can sing backup harmony or whatever is needed for shorter periods in the songs, for example or hypothetically. As I mentioned earlier, I haven’t played music very much in recent years but I feel like I need to get back into it again at some level. At this moment my schedule is flexible and I have the time and motivation to commit to creating music with others, but currently I don’t have a bass so I’m going to be getting one as soon as I can afford it. Unfortunately I no longer have the bass I played years ago, but I’ll get a new bass and amp soon enough. In the meantime I will say that I’m looking for like minded musicians, and that is why I decided to create my account here in the first place (although I haven’t used it much until recently). I’ve mostly played in rock bands but I love all different genres like metal, classic rock, punk, and blues, and I grew to love lots of 70s, 80s, 90s rock and metal, and stuff from the 00s to early 10s. I basically like good music that moves me and sounds awesome in my ears! I’m pretty open to playing covers for regular bar gigs, or bass in a tribute band, or getting together with other musicians and working strictly on original music. This last option is and will always be a favourite of mine because I love creating music and/or just jamming different stuff every rehearsal or whatever. Ever since I started playing music I’ve always preferred playing original music, or just jamming, and found that I liked to write creatively mostly, and enjoyed it as much as or maybe more than learning covers with a full band…both are good times anyhow. Knowing other musicians influences can be important so I’ll list some of mine, starting from older bands first: Black Sabbath, Zep, Steppenwolf, Doors, CCR, Misfits, Ac/dc, GnR, Danzig, AIC, Soundgarden, Panthera, Kyuss, Tool, Ghost, SOTD, RATM, and also Dead Kennedy’s, Minor Threat/Fugazi, Pennywise, L7, STP, The Clash, etc....I have to stop my brainstorm list because it will get too long otherwise, but hopefully this helps describe me a little bit at least. I’ll update this account as things progress and I have pictures to post or new info.
PS- my favourite music is mostly the simpler rock songs that are fun to play live and you can’t help wanting to rock along to someway or another.

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Currently have: Technics Digital piano (full size), Alvarez acoustic guitar, Steinburg UR44 6in/4out USB audio interface, Protools 11&12 through a MacBook Pro 15.
Will have soon: Ibanez, Fender, or

I have always enjoyed the best gear because of how the great tones and sounds make you want to play better and more often, so I will once again have good gear soon enough. Sometimes rocking too hard can lead to a wild life with crazy ups and downs and some very unique experiences, and throughout the years my instruments have come and have went, like many things, but the love of music and playing nice gear never goes away and remains something I really like. I’ve also got a classical guitar with electronics, and some recording gear to add to my list of gear, but the bass guitar is still something I need to get soon as possible and so I will.