Vocalist, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums.


I am 55 y/o I've been on the bench for near half my life due to injury.
Now am able to at least get through a 12 bar blues song 4/4
Not good enough yet to go fast enoght for me.
I can also do basic lead as well, as a bit of bass work to if you make me
Injury came 4 years after starting and it was a real downer.
A person can get pretty far in four years. But it took me the better part of 20 just getting back with it.

At least my hands are now able to communicate reasonably well "nerve damage".
I'm looking for a drummer and bassist at least to start. I will share the rental fee for our practice space.
All my life I've played with my brother, he's gone and being turned to dust by now.
After I used a keyboard and a fostex 8track to break down trax. Then get my stuff on tape. Mom has of them now and well that's mom.
I'm not dilussional I had my chance to get to the top and I pissed that away. It still doesn't mean I'm ready to fold it's still great to put something down that's ok.
My injury sidelined me but didn't end me.
All I knew I still do, and always will but may take a bit more time to make it fully fun again. I'm not going to give up I'm having a great time trying.
Still not fully able to do a lot of things but fully capable of carrying my weight if it's not too heavy.
Of I am not able to do my part I'll be the first to bust a move.
I'm at zero ego.

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AC/DC, The Four Horsemen, the Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Seger, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, 54-40, ABBA, Joan Jett, the Rankin family, Country Joe and the Fish, Collin James, Hank Williams sr. Mississippi Fred McDowell, Rye Cooter, the black Crowes, Sheryl Crow, Nickey steel, nirvana, Les Paul, Chet Atkins, Johny Cash, The Doors, Gabby Barret "she's a baby girl who rocks country", PHILL RUDD, The B52's, should I stop soon?

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One Gibson zero with 57 Gibson's classis neck and bridge, Hipshot baby grand replacement, all Gibson electronics.
She sill needs an expert to do his fine work the person who fixed him I'm not sure of his qualifications. Should have been doing my due diligence but this was my Dada's place.

A fender tele. Mexican model.

very beautiful copy of a 331 all maple and with a Rosewood fretboard.

For amps I have a '74 fender twin.
A fender DSP practice amp, a black Star travel amp and a pignose.
My Zero is at L&M right now getting his pickups Hardwear and the baby grand bridge installed right now.
The 331 copy well I'll send photos of her before I bought her then after her first cleaning. Well that's her in the photo hanging.
I am not stingy I will allow my bandmates to use my equipment if your not a smasher haha.
Oh for the love of life I've forgotten to add my Dads '57 Strat and '64 twin he used, which mom will not let me have because I'm to immature.
I'm sure she wants to sell her but cant, there is an inheritance clause I'm sure.
Ok just d-loaded a photo of Zeek my Gibson Zero. He now is Gibson loaded and instead of this carbon fiber fx amp he is now and always will use the '74 twin. Untill I have the space for a Marshall tube amp.
I don't use peddles except for a chromatic tuner and an OCD fulltone V2 overdrive/Distortion. I just bought, because in order for me to distort my twin I had to put her near ten. Hence the pedal. I'll use this pedal with my twin because I do not blast my power and the distortion on the twin needs help at low power. I'll also have to find her some original peddles for her reverb and channel switching if they exist.
I'm not sure, Dad used Fender I was into Ibanez and Gibson, the Ibanez was my second guitar Wich is still in existence. I've never got rid of her because, besides the old smashed up classical I learned on she was my first electric with with a vintage Sears Silverstone 2x12, at the time I bought her she wasn't vintage just an amp Tom Lee wanted to get rid of, but she was so great. But I did need a dist. Because she plated clean yet extremely loud.
I just bought a fender American tele. She's hanging and I added the photo of the Mex. Tele as well.