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I know general music theory (1 2 3 4 5 6 7, quarter half notes eight notes sixteenth notes(could still work on others like dotted eight notes I guess), how to form a scale, i can figure out how to play the 7 basic diatonic modes up and down the neck I guess, shapes for chords, barre chords, 7th chord shapes and some inversions I guess, some 9th chord shapes, 7th chord triads) but really I just like to mess around and have fun so while it's there I dont utilize it as much as I should so i really should practice with intention more so i can make it become more second nature. I like playing in alternate tunings (DADABE, DADGAE, CGDGBE, FCFACF, etc) and standard tuning (the track #1 is in standard), I like noisy stupid guitar music. I want to make cool sounds and nice progressions that satisfy and create feelings of passion and enjoyment. If I was to join a band I'd want to join one where we just have fun with each other letting out our emotions and share philosophies and feel good and improve ourselves and push past the boundary of what's 'normal' and play without a care (i.e. I dont want to play with evil or angry men/women who only want to look good because who really cares either it comes out good or doesn't). I'm cool with any personality but probably get along the best with people who are introverted, but i still get along with extroverts. I would like to play guitar and while I havent recorded much in terms of singing I'd love to sing and play at the same time, I think it just makes it more fun to get lost when playing. I'd also like to just hang out and play instruments and have fun and learn from each other, sucks that the only way to really move forward with this hobby/passion is to really get out of my comfort zone like this!!! But I also love getting out of my comfort zone, it feels amazing when life feels like it's moving forward. I have never played live, the music I uploaded was recorded quietly in an apartment(just 1 guitar playing). If you're wondering why I'm being weird and saying "I guess", it's because I know the things and should practice it more so it's ingrained but I like to take it easy. I play and learn the guitar every day (for fun). I'm cool with 420/alc in moderation(aka as long as it doesn't cause fights with strangers or problems) but currently I personally do not vape or smoke or drink. p.s. the username is an anagram

My discord is Romance#8154

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Mar 18 2023
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My Bloody Valentine MBV, Sonic Youth, Sloan, snail mail, Pavement, Beach Fossils, REAL estate, Ja"* white, Dinosaur Jr, Wilco, Beat Happening, Frnakie Cosmos, a vaccuum cleaner, I do like other music I swear

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Jazzmaster guitar (deluxe candy apple red? it's a copy of the j mascis jazzmaster according to Google)
Guitar with only a humbucker bridge pickup
Guitar that is pretty broken but looks old
Guitar that looks new but is really shit
Electronic drum kit (learning and I think I'm learning very fast, having a lot of fun!!!!)
Shure Beta Sm57A (borrowing)
Ac15c1 tube amp
Mustang 1 solid state amp
Scarlet solo 3rd gen
Big Muff
Boss Dd500
Behringer dr400
BD-2 Overdrive
MXR dyna comp
Caline eq pedal