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Murky Water Records

Our aim at Murky Water Records is to capture your sonic vision and add to it the warmth of great vintage analog equipment. It starts with our outstanding collection of Neumann, Telefunken, Sennheiser, Shure and other top of the line German and American microphone pioneers pushed through high quality tube preamps, squeezed through vintage tube compressors and limiters, enhanced through various tape delays, analog delays and reverbs before adding warmth through our vintage console channel strips.
Murky Water Records is a 48 track analog recording studio. In our little world, the computer, although state of the art, is mainly a substitute for the multi-track tape recorder. Your tracks will be sent from our recording console to the computer as WAV files for storage and playback just as if it were a tape machine (only quieter and slightly more reliable). This gives the control room a 1970s vibe where the focus is on listening and experimenting without the distraction of fancy graphics on a computer screen. We strive to capture the finest in tonal experience through proper mic selection and positioning, the warmth of saturation only achieved by pushing analog envelopes to the edge, and mostly- to get it right the first time. Too much credence is paid to the term “fix it in the mix”, a term that didn’t exist before the digital recording age. Digital recording and mixing have made life for the engineer easier but it shouldn’t make the engineer lazier. We seek perfection during tracking so there won’t be a need to fix anything during the mixing process. 
We endeavour to achieve the highest quality recorded tracks without the use of computer assistance - although we have hundreds of industry standard plugins at our disposal should a guest engineer or producer desire them. 
Our in-house mixing, like our tracking, is almost entirely done through analog consoles and outboard gear going to print right off the console’s master mix bus, or you can chose to have your tracks or stems mixed by the mixer of your choice either in our control room (analog or in the box) or have the files exported anywhere on the planet.
Murky Water Records isn’t anti-digital but rather realize that there are differences between the two mediums and, although digital recording has amazing emulations and is relatively easy in retrospect, it is different - not better, not worse, just different to the discerning ear. All we do is offer an alternative to digital for a mix that will sound more typical of the albums recorded in the 70s. But if you feel your project is geared towards the crispness and quantizing of the digital realm or a hybrid of both worlds, all live room inputs can easily be routed to a dedicated PC loaded with TC Studio Konnekt 48 hardware/software including remote, plenty of high quality plugin bundles from Waves, Isotopes etc., several choices of DAWs, dual video and audio monitors for digital tracking, mixing and mastering.
If you are searching for a warm vintage sound and feel for your project with a 70s vibe, look no further than Murky Water Records, a studio built by musicians for musicians with collections of vintage gear and musical instruments that is ever changing and constantly growing.

Murky Water Records operates/employs recording studio/production facilities in the beautiful British Columbia interior city of Kamloops and the Southeast part Saskatchewan, Canada in the City of Weyburn which is about 1 hr from Saskatchewan's capital city, Regina.
Kamloops is a hub of musical entertainment with festivals and nightclubs throughout the year.
With a population of approx. 100,000, there’s everything available from hotels to lakeside cabins, shopping and of course, music in the park which presents live music entertainment every night of the summer in beautiful downtown riverside park.
Weyburn has a population of 12,000 and you'll find many hotels, restaurants and bars as well as a nearby lake with camping. There are museums and other places of interest in Weyburn including a heritage village. There is also a full inventory music store just incase you need a set of strings or equipment rental.

Murky Water Records features an array of classic vintage equipment combined with modern digital technology. Our primary focus is recording and mixing music for bands and artists either in our studio or on location. Our comfortable home based studios can accommodate a full band easily for live off the floor recording and at the same time we have a great cozy vibe for the solo artist.
Our studio recording gear is completely mobile and we are able to offer 24 track capabilities using our great studio microphones. We have experience recording in small clubs, large venues, halls, cabins and churches. The mobile 24 channel mixer has built-in dynamic processors such as compressors and limiters as well as onboard effects. This is a portable digital mixer and is only used for location sessions.

Murky Water Records has a great selection of modern and vintage microphones by Shure, Telefunken, Neumann, AKG, Audio Technica, Blue, Sennheiser, and more. We have fantastic sounding condenser and ribbon mics to capture vocals and acoustic instruments as well as dynamic mics such as the ever popular workhorse Shure SM57 for instruments and drum recordings.

Murky Water Records uses a mixture of great outboard gear from Urei, Universal Audio, ART, Black Lion Audio, Summit Audio, Orban, Symetrix, PreSonus, Yamaha, Alesis, Roland TC Electronic, and more. as well as superb audio plugins from Waves, iZotope, Steinberger, Sonar and more.

Our rooms feature acoustically treated walls/ceiling, Comfortable seating, adjustable lighting and heating/air conditioning.


48 channel
AMR 800 w/ M3500 48 ch x 16 bus (control room)
Tascam DP-24 digital (off-site/mobile recording)

Telefunken ELA M251
Avantone C12
Neumann TLM 102
Shure KSM27
MXL 990 Coral
Lewitt LCT-240 pro
Blue Yeti Pro
Beyerdynamic X1N
SE Electronics V7 C
Olson M-102 (modded set of 2)
Shure SM58s
Shore SM57s
Shure SM48
Plus many other mics

Urei LA-4 (x2)
DBX 160A
DBX 160X
1176 limiter (x2)
ART VLA stereo tube compressor (x2)
Alesis 3630 (x2)
Aphex compellor 301
Aphex compellor 320A
Orban 526A de-esser
Orban 412A limiter
Presonus ACP 8 (8 channel)
Presonus ACP 88 (8channel)
PPCLE 2020 stereo

(Mic Preamps)
Universal Audio LA-610
Black Lion B173
Summit Audio TD100 (x3)
Dynamic 110 tube pre
PreSonus tube channel strip
Symetrix 528 channel strip
Peavey TMP1 tube pre

Biamp 210
Sunn SP3215
Orban Parasound 622A
F 215

(Outboard Effects)
Univox tape delay
TC Electronic M300
TC Helicon voice one
TC Helicon Voicelive (x2)

TC Electronic Finalizer
BBE 4821 enhancer 
A.S. stereo widener 

MWR is set up for easy routing of all equipment through 384 points of ProCo PM148 patchbays

In the box:
Pro Tools
Harrison Mixbus
Adobe Audition

(Interfaces) 72 ch
Motu 2408 
Motu 24 i/o 
Konnekt 48 
M Audio Delta 1010 (x3)
M Audio Delta 44

Audio Monitors:
(Control Room monitors)
Cerwin Vega

8 ch headphone amp
-For Tracking;
Bose in-ears
-For Mixing;
Bose Quiet Comfort
Blue Ella

Musical Instruments:

(Vintage Guitars)
Available on request
Gibson Les Paul models (x9)
SGs (x6)
Firebirds (x2)
Melody Makers (x2)
Flying V
ES125 (x2)
Gretsch 5022, 6125 & 6186
Fender Stratocaster (x5)
Fender telecaster (x4)
Fender Jazz Bass (x2)
Many other odd and unusual guitars

Hammond M2 organ (1952)
Cordovox vintage electric piano
Yamaha PSR-E463

(Guitar amps-all vintage)
Marshall JMP
Marshall JTM45
Marshall JTM30
Fender Princeton
Fender Musicmaster
Risson CTA-120
Regal 100
Regal 200
Magnatone Varsity
Harmony H306
ELK echo-sonic
Gibson Thor
Peavey Bass
Various other tube amps

Marshall 4x12
Fender 4x12
Bugera 4x12
Leslie 15
Leslie 710
Jensen 1x12
Peavey 1x12
Peavey 1x15
Isolation cabinet w/10” celestion
Various other cabinets

(Guitar effect pedals)
Constantly changing but containing all the favourites from Boss, MXR, Korg, Electro Harmonix, Ibanez as well as many vintage, boutique and hard to find items.

The lounge area offers comfortable seating, big screen TV, Sony Playstation, stereo, wifi access, coffee maker and bar fridge.

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