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*** About Me ***
Have done around 1,000 bar gigs as a guitar player but hung it up a little over two years ago to learn drums. I consider myself to be a continually improving intermediate level player. I am a hard grader so let me explain the rating system I use:
- Intermediate: have at least jammed regularly with bands and but have less than 50 gigs
- Moderate: 50 to 100 gigs
- Advanced: 100 plus gigs
- Expert: Touring and/or teaching
I take music seriously in that I learn songs to the best of my abilities while maintaining the pace set by the consensus of the band, but I play for fun. I love to play gigs and while I am willing to just jam for fun, my focus is always to get that project to a state where we eventually play gigs. I have a non-music career and am an active father with young kids.

*** What I am looking for ***
An established or start-up cover project where:
- Everyone shows up to rehearsal prepared-period! Band members respect the fact that other mates have jobs, families, and other conflicts too and therefore ensure that they do not waste other members times by showing up unprepared.
- No egos or rock star wannabees but with a focus on doing the best we can with the skills we have.
- The quality of the band’s performance improves with each rehearsal.
- If for some reason a band member cannot have an agreed to song ready for the next rehearsal, he/she let’s the rest of the band know as soon as possible so that no one is needlessly killing themselves to learn a new song just to not play it at the next rehearsal.

*** Audio Demos ***
While I have rehearsed with a few bands over the past 18 months, none have gotten to the stage where we could record demos. The demos included below are of me playing all of the instruments and singing. This was done out of necessity and not something that I wanted to spend a lot of time on. I am also not an audio engineer and this will be reflected in the mix. Due to limited time, I haven’t done more that a couple of takes for each track so there are a lot of warts.

*** Video Demos - me on guitar ***

*** Thanks for looking and listening

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May 03 2012
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Over 100
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More than 3 times per week
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Rock, blues, country .....

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Yamaha Hybrid Maple Custom Absolute Drumst
Roland Hybrid E-Drum Kit
9 Fender and Gibson guitars
Requisite number of FX pedals
1 Fender P Bass
Egnater Rebel 30 head and speakers
Peavey bass amps
PA, monitors, mikes etc.