Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums.


love composing music but struggle with lyrics?? great, i have the exact opposite problem

writer/poet/lyricist looking for composers, musicians and songwriting partners

i can sing and scream

haven't recorded any finished product yet, will get to that soon; message me if ur interested in starting an avant-garde rock project

not saying my lyrics are super sophisticated but they're more than the juvenile teenage angst you expect from my age
(yeah they're angsty but self-aware, not immature or embarrassingly pretentious)

ideal songwriting process would be you give me a drum beat, bassline, and/or guitar riff, and i'll improvise vocals and lyrics over it, as well as edit and adjust (and then of course you make your own changes if you want until we reach a final product we both/all like)

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Dec 02 2019
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my sound so far: raw punk, noise rock, lots of distortion
influences: sonic youth, hole, pixies, babes in toyland, bikini kill, wolf alice, blonde redhead, the velvet underground

fav genres: prog rock, art rock, indie rock

fav artists: muse, pink floyd, david bowie, queen, arcade fire, florence + the machine, fleetwood mac, blondie, mazzy star, kate bush, tori amos

my voice: cat power, courtney love, patti smith
(also taylor momsen but less try-hard, and stevie nicks or amy winehouse on a good day, if i'm really flattering myself)


bassist and drummer (preferably female but any gender welcome)

style: soft/melodic psychedelic folk, new-wave, goth
artistic influence: the doors, neil young, joni mitchell, the cure, cocteau twins, bauhaus, joy division, radiohead

open to many genres, i like a lot of metal but my guitar playing style is sloppy, passionate, and better suited to grunge

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