I’m Original lyrics song writer.
With the unique twist and views of the world . I have a style that’s different than most music writers. I write about everything from heavy, to light, fun, Adventures, war, life, death, controversial, politics, extinct, criminal, hardships, jealousy, love, hate, and so much more. I’ve been writing for the past 42 years and I have over 100+ songs, and I’ve never shared anything with anyone until the past year. Now I think is a good time to start showing what I’ve got and what music is all about. All we need to do is find musicians that are right and want to be unique and different in the music scene. Most of my songs are about experiences in life in all forms cultures races abuse in all aspects that you can think of.

I’ve always been a fan Roger waters I have been doing songs like Roger Waters since I was a young kid. Where it’s one song after another and the stories builds.

So the type of singer that is needed for my songs is someone that can sing like Bruce Dickinson, and have the emotions and heart of Roger Waters, Led Zeppelin, John Lennon, and have the energy of Vince Neil, Rob Halford and have the ability and be Creative like Udo Dirkschneider.

Some of the stuff that I write is almost guaranteed to be on the radio and be favorites to the crowds. But it is needed that we find the right musicians to make it work.

Thanks for more info please do not hesitate to contact me

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