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DRUMMER SEEKING MUSICIANS TO FORM BAND OR SEEKING AN EXISTING BAND TO JOIN ... I'm looking for Classic Jazz, Soul, R&B, Blues and Funk. I am trying to avoid a "Rock only" band but I do enjoy playing some rock too.

If you play bass, keyboards, guitar, a horn (sax, trumpet, whatever) or can sing and you are interested in being in a band OR if you are an existing band seeking a drummer then read on.

I am an easy going guy who is a formally trained good and capable drummer getting back into regular playing after years of too much of working for a living and not enough playing music. I want to have a good time enjoying a shared passion with some fun and able musicians. Ideally our band is between 3 to 5 people. A piano, bass & drums trio would be the minimum add in a guitar and/or horn and a vocalist and we would be more than set.

You love playing Classic Jazz, Soul and/or R&B and/or Funk and/or Blues music, you are easy going and fun, reasonably competent on your instrument / voice. Please, no control freaks, no egomaniacs and no disorganized flakes; life is too short for that stuff ;-)

This is all about having fun but I would like that fun to include the idea of playing well; we don't need to be expert but we would work to do our very best (while keeping it fun). I would like to play some gigs and would enjoy doing some recording (I have the necessary equipment).

I have flexibility that allows me to jam during the day as well as evenings and weekends.

I do not have a premium account here at Bandmix at this time and thus cannot reach out to you. However, feel free to send me a note and I will respond. Thanks.

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I have a very broad set of influences through the Funk, R&B, Soul, Blues, Latin, Jazz and Rock genres.

Some of the music I would enjoy playing:

Classic Jazz, for example - Blue Note records stuff recorded between 1954 to 1962, much of the music written by Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Irving Berlin, Horace Silver and Dave Brubeck (for example). I enjoy playing the jazz content of both The Real Book and The Fake Book music collections.
R&B and Soul, for example - Mowtown classics, Aretha Franklin.
Blues - BB King, Eric Clapton, Etta James, etc.
Soul and Funk - Aretha, James Brown, Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, etc.
Latin - Tito Puente, Santana, etc.

Some of this music can be adapted to the "lounge music" side of the spectrum which could present some fun opportunities too.

I prefer playing music that has a discernible melody and a rhythm and am not at all into the experimental atonal, arhythmic jazz and other equally weird stuff LOL.

If after looking at this profile, you are curious or think maybe I might be what you are looking for, then send me a note. Like I said I am very easy going. We can compare notes and see if it's worth meeting or jamming.

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Other Percussion:


I have both excellent acoustic and electronic drum kits, and the gear to mic my acoustic kit for live or studio work. I also have some great recording equipment (M-Audio Fast Track C600 Audio Interface, Roland mixer and interface, Apex and Shure SM57 mics, Boss stereo effects processor, computer, DAW software, etc.). I have a feature packed Yamaha keyboard as well.

I have an ok studio/practice space for an all electronic band (electric guitar, electric bass, electronic keyboards, electronic drums); we use a Roland HS-5 Session Mixer to plug into; plug in your instrument, mic and headphones; we get the full volume music experience while others hear only silence! If we choose to use loud and/or acoustic instruments (which I love), no problem, then we simply have to practice elsewhere.