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Looking for band or casual jam-sessions with other music enthusiasts

All Styles Considered: Jazz that swings / Blues that rocks / Rock that rocks

:: Early New Orleans jazz & blues, rags, marches, Dixieland
:: Big Band Swing, Be-Bop
:: Variations on 12-Bar Blues and Rhythm-Changes in popular music, ballads, jazz standards

:: Acoustic & Electric Blues from the Delta, Texas, Chicago...
:: British Blues-Rock, Boogie-Rock
:: Tributes: JJ Cale, SRV, Paul Butterfield

:: Classic-Rock to New-Wave
:: Sixties Pop & Pop-Rock Hits, Sixties Fad Dances, the twist, the stroll
:: British Mersey-beat, the Beatles by album
:: Instrumental Surf-Guitar groups: Shadows, Ventures, Los Straightjackets...
:: Tributes: CCR, Orbison, Elvis, Tull, Hendrix, Cream, Zeppelin, AC/DC, Fleetwood Mac, ABBA, Van Morrison

Retro 50's
:: Rock & Roll, Doo-Wop, Jump-Blues, Boogie-Woogie

:: Motown Soul & Disco, Stax, Boogaloo, R&B
:: Tributes: Booker T/MG's, James Brown

:: Trad-Country, Western, Honky-Tonk, Rockabilly, Country-Rock, Southern-Rock, Bluegrass
:: Traditional folk-songs from the Appalachians and British Isles, Celtic, Jigs & Reels, Square-Dances
:: Tributes: Johnny Cash, The Eagles

:: Latin dance rhythms, bossa, tango
:: Calypso, Ska, Reggae, Rock-Steady, Soca

:: Popular vocal hits by decade, the American Songbook, Broadway, British Music Hall, Big Band Era
:: European Ballroom dance rhythms, polkas, waltzes, wedding favourites
:: Excerpts from the classics, operas, Christmas Carols, turn-of-the-century songs with introductory verses
:: Ultra-Lounge CD Set: TV/Movie Themes, Exotica/Tiki, Film-Noir, Mancini, Kaempfert, Baxter, Denny, May...

My Musical Approach & Precepts for Proficiency:

:: Conceptualise your musical direction and develop a personal sound
:: Consider what you like to play and how you want to sound
:: Awareness of the bass tradition's time-line of events: classical era, jazz age, rock music...
:: Analyse recordings of advanced performances in each style of music
:: Understand the concepts underlying each style to play convincingly
:: Appreciate chordal and melodic playing by seconding on guitar/plectrum-banjo
:: Practice snare drum rudiments with sticks and pad (Buddy Rich Method)

:: Arrive prepared and bring your A-game :: Rehearsals return only what you put into them
:: Ten minutes early is on-time; on-time is late
:: Individuals practice to learn their parts; groups rehearse for timing, tempo and sound balance
:: Know the song - know your part :: Learn your material with a TASCAM Bass Trainer
:: Work from the same source, key, BPM, arrangement
:: Note how bands choreograph their stage presentation (Los Straightjackets...)
:: Consider: comfortable clothing, latest song-list with artist/key/BPM, emergency exit clear :: contacts/calendar
:: Back-up items :: Checklist of required items
:: When a tune sounds balanced, log your electronic settings :: Always rehearse in stage-formation
:: Keep a logbook/song-list with titles, set/sequence, artist/year, key, BPM, settings, remarks, date-last-done
:: A group with a single goal works as one
:: Stay fresh, try new things, make mistakes; rehearsal is a place to try things and fail
:: Balance creativity and simplicity :: Perfectionism kills

:: Schedule a daily practice routine for needful things :: Invest in strategic fingerings
:: Strive for impeccable time and sparkling tone for a superb sound that swings and provides the pulse
:: Continually address the physical techniques of playing bass guitar and double bass
:: Practice Scale & Arpeggio Sequences by metronome for ear training, dexterity, and fingerboard navigation
:: Pay attention to articulation and tonal development
:: Play & Read: gamut drills, spider drills, exercises, etudes, excerpts, pieces, simple tunes, ear-training drills
:: Transcribe and transpose recorded bass-lines
:: Divide and conquer problems that inhibit your progress; Isolate and repeat at a slower tempo

:: Compose melodic phrases that exhibit rhythmic lock-in and harmonic under-pinning
:: Improvise meaningful variations by ear while respecting a song's authenticity
:: Nail a song's dance-ability
:: Keep a staff paper journal to jot down musical ideas
:: Collect a library of licks, lines, riffs, fills, runs, lead-ins, quotes, grooves, walks, rhythm-figures, phrases
:: Study the theory of harmony and melody

:: Emulate the best traits of legendary bassist-drummer partnerships :: Trading Fours beats soloing
:: Make every note count and leave breathing space :: Listen and respond to fellow players
:: Start each session with a combined one-minute warm-up of long and short tones
:: Don't fiddle between songs :: Tune quietly and often
:: Foster camaraderie and play to the audience

:: Develop a versatile repertoire organised by style, era, artist. :: Be equally adept in each style
:: Read sufficiently to learn your parts :: Write out parts
:: Cover intricate bass-lines accurately by ear
:: Study the required techniques and standard idioms of each style

:: Coax a worthy bass-line from four heavy-gauge, flat-wound strings with pizzicato, plectrum or bow
:: Switch between bass guitar and double bass to capture the original vibe of an era or musical style
:: Select Ampeg tube-amps for a warm bass-tone and solid stage-presence for any venue
:: Enhance your electronic input-signal with a line-driver, BBE Sonic, compressor and wah

Volume Pedal:
:: Use a volume pedal as a convenience for quick and accurate hands-free dynamic control
:: Make immediate volume adjustment before or as you play
:: Label pedal positions for 0-25-50-75-100%; Preset at 50% to allow for cut or boost
:: Quieten the stage when not playing, swapping instruments, during announcements
:: Use it for attack suppression, swells, fading in or out, crescendo-decrescendo, tremolo

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