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Objective - My primary objective is to put together an alt-rock/pop band. Vox, guitar(s), bass, keys are a bonus, back up vox etc…
Instruments – I play drums primarily but can play basic rhythm guitar and hold a vocal tune. I don’t profess to be a guitar player or singer but can and love to contribute on occasion. I have somewhat strong theory knowledge and near perfect pitch (ear) despite the tinnitus! LOL. I’m also very strong at music production and excel at getting the right sound/mix during a recording session.

Experience – I have been playing drums for almost 40 years but don’t be put off. I’m not old nor do I look or act old and I can relate to any age. I’m not discerning of age and don’t expect you to be either. I don’t care if you’re 20 and can rip it or your 50 and have been around the block so long as you’re mature and simply want to create awesome music. I’ve been playing in bands since my teens and committed to playing for my entire life. It ain't over yet!!

Many years ago I studied jazz at Humber but wouldn’t say I’m a strong jazz player by any stretch however studying jazz has enabled me to comfortably play in different time signatures and rhythms when the time comes. I am a rock drummer. I’m really not into heavy metal or extreme syncopated polyrhythms but can appreciate the musicianship. I can play double bass and heavy patterns but it’s not really my thing. I have to say though, Danny Carey is one of my fav drummers. My style is more like Taylor Hawkins or Steve Perkins.

I’ve played in various bands: Rock/alt rock, pop, ambient, progressive, punk, jazz, concert band, big band and marching bands throughout my life. I have contributed to writing, recording and distributing a whack of songs. I’ve had the privilege and honour of playing shows on the same stage next to some of the best musicians in Toronto, (most much better thank me!) namely on the Queen Street circuit. More acts than I can remember probably because of all the Jagger!! In places like the Shoe, Riv, El Mo, Drake, Lees, Dees, Bovine, Dollar, Garrison, Clintons, Bop, Joes, Kathedral to name drop a few..
I’ve collaborated with many amazing people over the years and worked on many recordings. I very recently put 2 albums of my latest bands work on itunes. I can share more of that with you later.

What I’m looking for – like minded experienced musicians who are open, honest and fun. People who are OPEN to exploring possibilities and creating great sounding accessible music. Guitarist, bassist, vocalist, or an existing band who want to dedicate time and energy to create new music (and the odd cover) that is fun and accessible (CGF is not out of the question! LOL). I LOVE to perform live and record new material. You must have a lot of experience with writing, recording and performing but don’t take things so seriously that it rips the fun out of it. It’s also important to know the fundamentals of song writing (not just verse chorus). I’ve been playing for decades and want to only play with folks that have established themselves in life (not necessarily in music) and understand that I have a life outside of the band. I have a full time career, a family and young kids so time management is extremely important. I am able to dedicate at least one night a week to rehearsal and if and when the time comes, more time for shows and recording. Touring is not on the horizon but could play the ‘one off’ out of town show. I will travel as far as the car can take us in one day so ‘touring’ is not an absolute but anything is possible. With the electronic age in full swing, I believe it’s easy to get our music out there without ever leaving the couch! I don’t have much experience with creating videos but feel it’s an important element to creating the brand. Anything you bring in this regard is a bonus. I do have a good friend in the ‘video/tv’ industry and can rely on him somewhat.
I’m able to dedicate more time to it at home as well because of my home set up. If you live nearby, we could jam/write almost any night. My preference would be to have bandmates from the area so traveling and wasting time on the road each week isn’t an issue but if we had to meet downtown/uptown every week, I’ll do that. I live in Maple near Canada’s Wonderland so If you’re up (or down) this way, AWESOME! But okay if we set up a common location.
I believe the key to a successful band is to work as an equal collective. I aim to work as part of that collective and will not tolerate the holier than thou attitude when it comes to creating music. If a musician can’t take constructive criticism or refuses to explore an idea offered by another member of the group no matter how you think it would sound, I’m not for you. I AM too old for that! My experience tells me that the more we listen and collaborate, the better the outcome. Win Win.

Please, serious inquiries only. Time is important to me in many ways (musical and otherwise) so trying to grab me for a show you have next week or you’ve played guitar for 6mo and you think my experience will bring you to the next level, isn’t something I’m able to do.

Thanks for your interest. Good luck in YOUR search!

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Influences – I love many styles of music such as modern/alternative rock, classic rock, pop, punk, Lo Fi, jazz, jazz fusion, house, electronica, classical and all variations of the above. I have an extensive playlist of many artists and keep an open ear for all types of music. I love being exposed to any new music. I can share more of my favorite bands with you later but I don’t think it’s relevant to my playing style.

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Equipment – I have a great Yamaha Tour Custom drum kit but it’s also augmented by electronics and triggers. I’m partial to exploring different sounds and rhythms using the triggers and switching back and forth depending on the songs requirements. I am currently using NI Maschine + with Battery 4 and other Native synths for those sounds however as the triggers are midi based, the possibilities are limitless. I also have a cozy home studio with a Mac and ProTools, electronic drum kit and various guitars so laying down ideas and tracking is quick and easy. Nothing too elaborate but it works nicely.