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The above song I recorded using two tapes and a double cassette recorder, back in the early '90s. I should re-do it digitally, now I've got Cubase... But there's something oddly quaint and sweet about this lo-fi recording (she said to herself). Oh, just recalled something funny - I didn't even have a friggin' tambourine at the time - I literally stuck two paper plates together, and sewed a bunch of little bells around the perimeter!

COVID Policy: I live with immune-compromised family members, so I am not meeting anyone IRL any time soon. How do people do jams together online, btw - what about latency?

Also, just to make sure we're all on the same page...
#BlackLivesMatter #IdleNoMore #HonourYourTreaties #FindMissingMurderedIndigenousWomenGirls #MenBoys2SpiritsToo #QueerPride #SaveTransLives #SexWorkIsRealWork #NoRacistStatues #DefundThePolice #FightAbleism #FightSaneism #FreePalestine #FreeTibet #FreeUkraine
Yeah, if you hate the SJWs, you're missin' out. Sour Jelly Worms are deeelicious...

OMG!!! This site *still* refuses to render emojis?? Unbelievable.

"Do you like Huey Lewis & the News?" Just kidding! They're alright, but... I was just watching some American Psycho-analysis vids on YouTube, sorry.

Do you love BRITISH & Irish music - '60s to '90s? (East-Asian femme reverse-appropriating UK culture, haha!) I'm looking for people to do covers / tributes with of cool social-justice-oriented tunes (prefer not to do originals, sorry). Hopefully play some live shows if we get good enough. I would LOVE to play benefit shows to help fundraise for important social justice causes! <3

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That's right, FAC51: The Hacienda must be rebuilt!
(I even own one of the original bricks from my time in Manchester, what a music nerd.)

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Ideas for the kind of material I'd love to cover: (off the top of my porkpie hat)

The Specials (R.I.P. Terry Hall - I <3 you!!!)
- 'Concrete Jungle'
- 'Ghost Town'
- 'If You Have A Racist Friend'
I need to catch it up with their more recent stuff, like 'The Ten Commandments' they did with Saffiyah Khan!

The Clash (I know... I hate Joe Strummer as a person, knowing what I know now, but he used to be my hero. Still love Mick!)
- 'Complete Control'
- 'Gates of the West'
- 'London Calling'
- 'Revolution Rock'
- 'Groovy Times'
- 'Know Your Rights' (allll 3 of'em!)

The Jam
- 'Strange Town'
- 'A Town Called Malice'
- 'Going Underground' (what an anthem, Weller should've done more like this)

X-Ray Spex
- 'Oh Bondage Up Yours!'

Don't wanna do The Smiths anymore because of Mozza morphing into a right-wing Side-Show Bobba. Still love Marr, though (guitar hero)!

How 'bout some Housemartins, Beautiful South, Billy Bragg, fu*k yeah! Sinead O'Connor. Even U2 had their moments, despite being stadium rock. Grace Petrie is my latest LGBTQ+ folk rock heroine. Lady Parts - best new British all-Muslim grrrl power punk band! (Can't cover 'em though, as I ain't Muslim meself.)

Pet Shop Boys
- 'It's Alright' (I know, it's a cover, but I like!)

Billy Bragg (feat. Kirsty McColl and Johnny Marr!)
- 'Sexuality'

Fun Boy Three
- 'Farmyard Connection'

The Beautiful South
- 'Blackpool'

Sinead O'Connor
- 'Black Boys On Mopeds'

Is this the 'in' place to be...
What am I doing here...
Watching the girls go by...
Spending money on?? (One, Two!!)

FAC51Ltd [ a t ] g - m - a - i - l [ d o t ] c o m

Cheers mate - nice one!

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